Kitchen Update: Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before & After

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We have lived in our house for about a year…we absolutely love it! When I first saw the house, one of my favorite rooms was the kitchen because of the open space. I wasn’t really a fan of the kitchen cabinets. Well, I’m excited to show the difference to a room when you update your cabinets and get them professionally painted.

I spoke on a panel at my old college a few months back. There I met Corrie, the owner of Inspired by U. She is truly a mighty force. When I saw her work, I knew I had to use her company to update my kitchen and bring my vision for this space to life.

I have heard of people painting their kitchen cabinets, and there are some great kits out there. However, they usually still looked “painted.” Inspired by U will teach you the correct way to update your cabinets, or come-out and complete the whole process for you.

The entire project only took a week, and was completed to perfection. My cabinets were a brown oak color. Even though we get a ton of natural light, the brown oak seemed to really darken the space and just look old.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before
Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before & After
Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before & After

They started by taking all the cabinets and doors to her shop, and then spent a day painting the kitchen. After repainting them to perfection (which included quite a few more steps), they brought them back and installed them.

Painting cabinets before
Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before

The dilemma was the oak color of the cabinets seemed to accent the darker browns in the countertops and floors. This is why we selected an off-white type of color to really brighten up the space. It literally changed everything.

After painting the kitchen cabinets the SAME floors and countertops now seem to appear more gray! This open space feels even bigger, brighter and tastefully up-to-date. Wow! What a difference an update like this can make!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets After
Painting Kitchen Cabinets Before & After
Painting Kitchen Cabinets After
Painting Kitchen Cabinets After

Did I mention that the costs was significantly less than getting new cabinets, yet everyone thinks they are brand new! A major win!

It was well worth it to update our kitchen by having the kitchen cabinets professionally painted. I absolutely love cooking in here! I am excited to host and make some great memories in the heart of our home.

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Lifestyle Blogger, Onlygirl4boyz shares their kitchen update having painting the kitchen cabinets. This includes before & after shots by Inspired by U.


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August 3, 2019

Awesome transformation…it looks and feels like a brand new kitchen!

August 3, 2019

Looks great!! Amazing how your floors do like more gray and lighten the room! Beautiful!

August 3, 2019

Look* #autocorrect ????

August 3, 2019

WOW!!! The kitchen looks amazing!! So bright!

August 14, 2019

What an amazing transformation without having to break the bank.

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