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Before my boys start a new school year, I love asking them fun questions to get them excited. This year, rather than thinking about begrudgingly going back to class, we’re partnering with Amazon to celebrate a Happy School Year: the opportunity every kid gets for a fresh start and a clean slate to set their intentions for the school year ahead.

To get ready for a Happy School Year, we created goals for the year ahead: School Year’s Resolutions!

First, I sat down with my middle son to identify his School Year’s Resolutions. He has the bubbliest personality, and the sweetest, caring spirit. He is 11 and heading to middle school this upcoming year.

My son’s School Years Resolution is to get better at drawing animals. Here are a few detailed questions I asked him about his animal themed School Year Resolution.

School Year Resolutions

“What topics do you love to learn about more than anything else?”

He answers…”Animals. All kinds of animals.”

“What is a skill you would like to get better at that relates to that topic?”

“Drawing.” He says, “I’m not that good at drawing animals, and I want to get a lot better at that so that they look more real.”

“Do you think there is a club or anything like that you could start at school that could help others do this?

He answered…”Yes, I have other friends that really love drawing too, so we could do a drawing club where we share tips with each other.”

“What do you think you have to do to get better at this during the school year?

He listed the following: “Draw every few days, draw after school, practice in my free time, get stuff that helps me draw better, read about drawing.”

What animal would you like to be really good at drawing by the end of the year?

“A cougar,” he said.

You see, he loves animals. He reads the Animal Encyclopedia for fun and knows countless facts. These questions were fun for him to answer and tap into his creativity.

You see, he loves animals. He reads the Animal Encylopedia for fun, and knows countless facts. These questions were fun for him to answer, and tap into his creativity.

School Resolutions with Amazon

To help him achieve his School Year’s Resolution of getting better at drawing animals, we turned to Amazon’s Happy School Year store – a one stop shop for all of your back-to-school shopping needs. We use Amazon on a normal basis, and we knew we could find some fun supplies, like the Crayola 140 count art set, Sketch books for kids and the Crayola color pencils bulk set, and even a few animal themed apparel options and get them shipped to my door. It saves me tons of time and is affordable. The convenience makes all the difference. We are really excited to prepare him for the school year and start him off on the right foot.

Drawing supplies for back to school
Back to School supplies with amazon

Amazon has everything you could possibly need for back to school. From shark shorts , school supplies like BIC Xtra- Precision Mechanical Pencils , PUMA sneakers, and backpacks. They have you covered to easily simplify this time of year.

Back to school style

Amazon’s Happy School Year store has all of the classroom essentials you need and more From clothes and school supplies to shoes and backpacks They have you covered to easily simplify this time of year.

Supporting our boys in their interests is really important to us, so we were happy that Amazon made it so easy to get Sion everything he needed to get better at drawing animals. Whatever our kids’ interests are, we want to do what we can to help them achieve their dreams. I am really excited we can encourage him like this! Amazon’s helped us prep for a Happy School Year by supplying me with everything I need for our School Year’s Resolutions!

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We just made an order with Amazon for oily supplies and books. I love not having to leave the house to get all my school supplies.


That’s awesome! Yes!


Amazon is certainly the go to for us as.well. Stationary delivered home. How awesome is that !!


Yes! Exactly!


Amazon is great! We live in the middle of nowhere, so Amazon is a lifesaver for us.


Oh, I’m sure!


On Amazon you can really find everything you need x


Everything! LOL


What a great resolution!!! I love it, and love Amazon for Art supplies. Every year I head there for my daughters birthday as all she ever wants is art supplies and they have so many!


Yes exactly!


I remember getting excited for my new school supplies when I was young. That made me excited to go back to school too! These days you really can find everything from Amazon


Amazon is the best place I get all my office supplies there great post!


I have never thought about ordering my art supplies on amazon! That’s a great idea!

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