7 Ways I Doubled My Savings Last Year

The last few years, I have really been focusing on building up my savings account. I’m always looking for ways to reach my financial goals, and throughout the past year I have reached quite a few. It has a lot to do with putting these tips into practice. 1. Set up Auto Draft. I set … Continue Reading

15 ways I cut our grocery budget in 1/2

As a mom of 3 growing boys and 1 hungry husband, the amount of food we have to keep in this house is insane.  Over the years, there were times when money was super tight. I had to find ways to cut back our budget and this was usually easiest at the grocery store. I … Continue Reading

We paid off 100K in debt!!!

Yes, it’s true…we paid off 100K in debt. Insane!!! That number seriously seemed impossible for many years. I thought we would continue to plan around the debt, and continue to be as wise financially as we could. I basically accepted that we would probably die with debt. Think about it…who could possibly gain that much … Continue Reading

Living within your means isn’t popular, but is the key to REAL wealth

Onlygirl4boyz shares the choices they have made to encourage you to live within your means and how they have created real wealth for their family of 5. Over the last few years, our personal finances have taken a major turn for the better. We have doubled our household income consistently for 5 years in a … Continue Reading

5-Star Kitchen Products On a Budget

This post is sponsored by Walmart, yet all opinions are my own. I am always looking for ways to save you guys money, while still getting good quality products. I cook dinner on a regular basis, but I haven’t always had the best quality products to do it with. Having a good pan, and a … Continue Reading

Top 5 Books That Will Transform Your Finances

I absolutely love to read. I am constantly reading a self-improvement book on marriage, parenting, faith or finances. My husband and I realize the importance of continuously learning how to manage our finances in the best way possible.  We were a one income household for a long time, and now we have two incomes to … Continue Reading

The membership that is simplifying my life

*This post is sponsored by Walmart, but all opinions are my own. Let’s be honest, lately no one wants to run any errands that are not necessary, and having kids in tow makes it even more challenging. Anything I can do online or with delivery is a game changer for me. We’ve had Walmart+ for … Continue Reading

Struggling Financially? 7 Things that helped our family

You may look at our family now, and think we are flourishing, but for MOST of the last 14 years of our marriage we have struggled financially. We spent so much time living paycheck to paycheck, checking the bank account each day, and always searching for ways to increase our income. Over the years, I … Continue Reading

Making life easier with Walmart

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own. As a mom of 3 boys I am always looking for ways to simplify running errands and making those everyday tasks easier. My kids don’t enjoy shopping and if they aren’t asking for something at the store they are usually asking how long until … Continue Reading

The best time to buy EVERYTHING (a month-by-month guide)

A easy to follow guide that shares with you the best time to buy everything you need throughout the year. For over 10 years I was a stay at home mom and I’ve learned many ways to stretch our income and make it last a lot longer by following monthly sales. So, I am sharing … Continue Reading