Dear White Mom’s: What I Need You To Know….

Dear White Moms, You are my friends. You are my sisters. We are the same in more ways than we are different, but there are a few things that I need you to know. I have three black boys. They are the sweetest and most amazing humans I’ve ever met. They are incredibly intelligent, creative, artistic, … Continue Reading

9 Powerful Prayers for Your Children

Powerful prayers for children. I have three sons. I have really made it a point to pray for them consistently and intentionally. I used to only pray for them when I’m worried or battling fear. Since they were kids, I would go into their rooms at night, and pray over them while they are sleeping. … Continue Reading

What is the best age for Disney World?

Our family has been to Disney World many times, and the number one question I always get is : “What is the best age for Disney World?”. Well…I just returned from a fabulous trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my youngest son, my sister, and my nephew. We took our 2 five-year old … Continue Reading

4 questions that will get your kids to talk openly about school

Something happens when your kids go to school that, it becomes like pulling teeth to get them to talk about their days.  I want to share with you 4 questions that will get your kids to talk openly about school.  I have 3 boys that are currently in elementary and high school.  I have learned … Continue Reading

Preparing your child for college?! Here’s what you need to know!

*This post is sponsored by Discover® Student Loans. All opinions are my own. FAFSA is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Education and is not affiliated with Discover Student Loans. So, our oldest son, Josiah, is in his senior year of high school so we are full force in college prep and looking … Continue Reading

Preparing to send a kid to college? I’ve got you covered (and so does Discover® Student Loans)!

This post is sponsored by Discover Student Loans So, I officially have a kid headed to college. That feels even weird to type. I truly don’t understand how these parenting stages go so incredibly fast. I literally feel like he was crawling yesterday now he’s driving and looking at colleges while planning his entire future. … Continue Reading

5 ways to celebrate Black History month with your kids

In this article, I am sharing 5 ways to celebrate Black History month with your kids. This is mainly for parents, but these tips apply to pretty much anyone who is looking to honor the history of black people in this country along and celebrate diversity. February is one of my favorite months because, it … Continue Reading

My biggest leap of faith: Becoming a stay-at-home mom

*Reposted* I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom.   I went to college to eventually work full-time, fulfilling my dreams in the corporate world.  Little did I know, God had other plans for me. The “college me” is much different from the “mommy me.” I had my first son right out of college, and … Continue Reading

Is your kid not thriving with in-person school? Here’s another option

This post is sponsored by Connections Academy. All opinions are my own. Over the last few years, many of us have experienced our kids learning virtually and in-person. My kids all have very different learning styles, so finding out what worked best for them was a challenge at first. For example, my youngest couldn’t sit … Continue Reading

Living within your means isn’t popular, but is the key to REAL wealth

Onlygirl4boyz shares the choices they have made to encourage you to live within your means and how they have created real wealth for their family of 5. Over the last few years, our personal finances have taken a major turn for the better. We have doubled our household income consistently for 5 years in a … Continue Reading