Powerful prayers for children.

I have three sons. I have really made it a point to pray for them consistently and intentionally. I used to only pray for them when I’m worried or battling fear. Since they were kids, I would go into their rooms at night, and pray over them while they are sleeping. Before, I head to bed I go into each of their rooms, and pray God’s word over them. I lay every concern at the Lord’s feet, and feel His peace wash over me. 

Recently, my son went to college and that has really increased my prayer life. These verses have really guided me in the ups & downs of parenting my children the best I can. 

It is so powerful to pray God’s word in any situation, including our kids lives and futures. I truly believe I am only where I am at in life, because of the prayers of my parents. Even when I made bad choices, and my life could of gone down hill, each and every one of their prayers was answered and fulfilled.

I am sharing some powerful prayers that I have personally prayed over my kids that I hope will guide you, and encourage you to start doing the same. Let’s watch God work!

prayers for sons


Lord, please help him to follow your commands, to live a life for you, to obey you, and hold fast to you. –Deuteronomy 13:4


Lord, Please give him courage to be an example even at a young age. That he would be a leader and not a follower. Help him to encourage the kids around him to make wise decisions, speak in love, and to live in faith. – 1 Timothy 4:12


Lord, Please help his thoughts to be focused on what is true and right. When he feels discouraged, help his mind to focus on your truth. Help his thoughts to be pure, and honorable. –Philippians 4:8


Lord, strengthen them to stand up against temptation. Help, them to see Satan’s hand in it, and be able to fight it. Guide them to always see the way out that you have provided, and help them to hold on tight to their faith. Guide them to see girls and women how you see them, that they would love you more than them. Help them to stand strong for you.-1 Corinthians 10:13


When life gets hard, help them to hold tight to you. To trust in you when everything seems to be going wrong. Please give their hearts peace when anxiety arises. Let them understand the power of prayer in these situations, and lean on you.-Philippians 4:6


Lord, I ask you to please protect him all the days of his life. Keep him safe from harm and the evil of this world. Let him trust in you, when fear tries to overcome Him. Let Him have confidence in your sovereignty. –Psalm 91:1-2


Lord, Please give him a heart for justice. That he would stand up for what is right. That he would never stand in the background or be scared to be bold. Let him be strong in the things that bring you glory. Give him courage in this world, to love you and your heart more than the approval of others. –Isaiah 1:17


Lord, please grant him wisdom beyond his years. In friendship, finances, relationships, and parenting. Grant him wisdom in every area of his life. That he would have eyes to see your will. Guide him in this wisdom all the days of his life. –James 1:5


Lord, please provide everything he needs all the days of his life. Guide him and give him favor with jobs and providing income. Let him see that you are the source of all provisions and remain grateful. When hardships come, let him trust in you and not be shaken. Please keep him from poverty and give him wisdom in his finances.-Philippians 4:19

I hope these prayers will help you, your children, and bring you peace. God dearly loves each one of them, and I believe He will answer each one of our prayers that we lift up to Him. Have faith and trust in Him!

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This is such a great list of bible based prayers! I will definitely be using these over my little one(s) – thank you for sharing! ❤️


I’m so glad!!


This was Beautiful! As believers, we have to remember that our children don’t belong to us. God blessed us to have them, but ultimately they belong to him. You are an Amazing Mom and I thank God for willingness to teach others of His ways.


This is wonderful! Thank you ❤️


Thank you for sharing these prayers!????


Thank you for these. I also have three sons, and it is important to me to pray for them intentionally. Love these short prayers supported with Scripture.


Love it!


I definitely enjoyed reading this and will be praying over my ten months old son. Thanks for sharing them. It’s so important to lay the foundation right for our kids.




Talk about an on time blog! Thank you for this!

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