Starting daily scripture devotionals has been life changing for me.  I realize when I am falling off in this area, life is more overwhelming altogether.  I feel like I’m falling apart, and tend to focus on the negative more than the positive.

We have a real enemy in this world that comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) our lives, and our joy every single day.

The only way we can be ready to stand up against the enemy’s attacks, rather than drowning in them, is to have God’s word readily in our hearts and minds. A great way to do this is assigning a time every day to have a  devotional time in the scripture.

I sometimes neglect to realize the real power of this.  We can never know enough about God, about His word, and we can always grow deeper in relationship with Him.

When we do this, life gets easier.  Life is more enjoyable. Our perspective changes in challenging situations and we experience the abundant life He promised us (John 10:10).

We are transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).

So there are some tips I think help make it easier to start having consistent daily scripture devotionals.

Let me say that this is completely YOUR choice.  We are ALL busy and we make whatever is most important to us a priority.  We are in control of our time.

I had to get to a point of being desperate to hear from God daily.  I decided I no longer wanted to live just letting “life” decide if I’m having a good day or a horrible one.  I wanted to view my situations and the people around me (even the challenging ones) how God wanted me to.  So I made this change and it’s made a world of a difference.

Daily Scripture Devotionals

1. Pick a time that works best.

If you are a morning person, rise early.

If you are a night owl, turn off the T.V. and head to your room for some quiet time before your too tired.

If you aren’t either and your kids take daily naps, do it then.

I have used all of these time slots at different points in my life, but the important part is picking a time and sticking with it no matter what.  Don’t change it from day to day.  Keep it consistent.

2. Start with the Bible app.

I love the Bible app.  It is so easy to use and you can find a devotional that pertains to whatever you feel you need to learn more about the most at that time.

I have done various plans on parenting, marriage, friendship, anxiety, fear or “read through the entire Bible” plans.  This is simple and you can pull this out anywhere.

Seriously, with the app if you don’t feel like you have time for devotions but, spend time scrolling on Facebook or Instagram every day have time.

3.  Journal.

This is something I neglected for a long time, but I’ve realized is so important. It helps me process, remember and think deeper into whatever I just read.  It helps me to hide His word in my heart (Psalm 119:11) so I can tackle whatever comes my way.

Have you ever read the Bible and forget what you read almost immediately? I have spent time in devotions and by that night I couldn’t remember what I even read about. Journalling has helped me fix that issue and really focus on what I’m reading.

4.  Pick an accountability partner.

This can be your spouse or a close friend.  Many times this is just as encouraging for someone else as it is for you.  When you have someone that you are consistently checking in with to see if you are being consistent, you will be more inclined to do it.

Accountability is such a powerful tool in so many areas of our lives.  This is a very important one and can make all the difference in your life.

5.  Reward yourself.

When you are starting out, give yourself something to reward yourself at the end of every week.  This is just until it becomes a habit. I love to do a special desert or coffee drink, but use whatever is your thing.  The point is you are rewarding yourself for being consistent and getting your priorities in line.

Yes, this is something we should be doing. However if you are not already, this is a good way to encourage yourself to take these steps until it becomes a habit and way of life.

Be encouraged! If you even clicked on this article to read it, you already have a desire to know God better, and have a consistent daily devotional time in Scripture.  That shows a lot about your heart and God will help you as you make this a more important part of your life.  He has done this for me and I know He will for you!

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5 tips for starting daily devotions
5 Tips for Starting Daily Devotions if you are struggling with consistency from a Christian lifestyle blogger.

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Such great tips. It is so true how much better we feel and can tackle ‘life’ when we include prayer and devotion in our day. You have such a loving spirit in your post deliveries. Thank you for sharing. ?


I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for reading!


Excellent post! And I can see the importance of every aspect, especially the journalling part. Many times I have gone to look back at something I read, or something that stuck in my mind and couldn’t readily find it. When I journal, I can go right back and look it up with ease 🙂 I guess this post really stood out to me because I had been neglecting the time I use to spend with God and just revived it…WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Thanks for sharing!


I have totally been there and understand! I hope this helps!


I’m still trying to wake up alert enough to do them in the morning!


Maybe switch the time of day!


Hava! I love these thoughts and actions to better our daily habit. I conquer that when I am on spot with my insight and awareness with God, my days flow, I am strengthened and led! Great post! xo~Dannielle (D)


Amen! Thanks so much for reading!!


These are great – especially the treating yourself part! Do you do anything with the kids as far as devotion?


Yes I do! I will have to share that as well!


Great post! Thanks for sharing!


This is something I have definitely been struggling with lately. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m especially loving the reward part! Thanks for sharing your heart girl!


You’re so right! Life becomes more overwhelming when we’re not spending time with God and in devotions. Great tips for getting into a daily habit!


Yes it sure does!


Love these tips. Personally never thought about the reward yourself idea. Great post.


Thanks so much!


Great tips. I forget about the bible app. I forget that this is a great resource.


Yes! It simplifies everything!


I love your idea of rising early. It seems I always have the excuse of “oh the girls are up and I need it to be quiet”, but if I wake up early in the morning, I can spend some time doing daily devotions before I start being mom! 🙂


Yes for sure!


Thanks for sharing. I especially will try to journal a bit more


I love these tips, Jehava. Simple and to the point. The Bible app is big with me and my family and a go-to resource especially when my devotions are feeling dull.

I especially love your tip about having an accountantability partner to help me be more consistent. What a great idea!

By the way, thank you for all the inspiration you share on Instagram…I’ve enjoyed following along. 🙂


You are so kind and encouraging! Thanks for following along!

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