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Over the last few years, many of us have experienced our kids learning virtually and in-person. My kids all have very different learning styles, so finding out what worked best for them was a challenge at first. For example, my youngest couldn’t sit for more than 30 minutes at a time, whereas my oldest really thrived in being at a computer, on his own schedule and working independently. 

I think this time was so helpful, as many parents realized that some of their children were thriving at home while others worked better in a brick-and-mortar environment.

Initially, we had some really great times at home. I loved being so involved and present in their school work. One of my children definitely thrived during this time, while my other two benefited from being in a traditional classroom with a teacher as home has too many distractions.

For many kids, being back at their local brick-and-mortar school  has been challenging because it was easier to focus and learn at home, where there are less distractions and less stress. That’s why I think Connections Academy might  be a good fit for them.

Connections Academy offers tuition-free, online public school for students in grades K-12. They challenge kids by providing them with a great curriculum that will help them thrive. They offer personalized learning plans that nurture their strengths and help them overcome their struggles. Students have the freedom to work from home and on their own schedule, while still getting to connect with their teachers and peers in live online classroom sessions.

Since my youngest desperately needed breaks,. I love that Connections Academy can accommodate this, so he can learn when he learns best. 

I also love that parents are not the teacher.   Though some caretakers thrive in this role, I know there were parts I enjoyed, there are others who prefer to support their child’s learning in a different capacity. That is why when I learned more about the Learning Coach role, I realized this could be the fit a lot of parents might like. Partnering with teachers and staff versus being the teacher can make all the difference in your child’s education. 

I love playing more of a supportive role, while still engaging in my child’s education and being a Learning Coach certainly sounds like it is the best of both worlds.

The goal of Connections Academy is to help students grow into resilient individuals who can thrive in a changing world. Their learning model enables each student to develop independence and responsibility, explore their individual passions, and ultimately learn how they learn best.

My kids all have different personalities and thrive in different ways, so finding an option like this is super helpful as I know it will be for so many families. Make sure you check out the website HERE to learn more and see if this is something your child could benefit from.

I really believe this program could make all the difference for you and your child/children. Make sure you head to the website to learn more and see if this is the best fit for you!

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