Our family has been to Disney World many times, and the number one question I always get is : “What is the best age for Disney World?”.

Well…I just returned from a fabulous trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my youngest son, my sister, and my nephew. We took our 2 five-year old boys to all 4 parks, and it was amazing!

To be completely honest, the best age is ANY AGE! Ha! My husband and I still feel like we’re the “best age” also. However, I do think preschool ages around 3-5 are absolutely perfect. They are definitely not too young, and there’s so much for them to enjoy in each of the 4 parks.

I highly recommend staying at a Disney Resort. This makes transportation from park to park easy and convenient…a major plus with little ones in tow. Also, this immerses you completely into the Disney World experience. This is perfect for 5 year olds. Our two boys were on cloud 9, from start to finish, and thoroughly enjoyed the resort.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

This place is so perfect for younger kids. It is bright, colorful, full of character favorites, and imagination. You are immersed into ALL things Disney!

Disney's Art of Animation Resort
Disney's Art of Animation Resort

The resort is sectioned into a variety of experiences. You can choose to stay in Little Mermaid, Lion King, Finding Nemo, or Cars suites. The rooms make you feel like you jumped right into any of these movies. Attention to detail at a Disney resort is truly amazing.

Disney's Art of Animation Resort with preschoolers

We stayed in the Cars suite. The boys were so excited to see the room bursting with scenes from the Cars franchise. These little guys were right among the characters. All of my children have loved these movies, it was really exciting to see my youngest son and nephew thrilled by all the details they found in our suite.

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Disney’s Art of Animation also has the largest pool in Walt Disney World Resorts. These kids could of stayed there all day…and all night if we let them. They have sections for any age range to have a ball. In the evenings, Disney movies play on a big screen by the pool.

Disney Art of Animation Pool

There are also on-site restaurants and shoppes to get all the Disney apparel your heart desires before hitting the parks. I grabbed a pair of Minnie ears and some souvenirs for our other children.

All 4 Disney Parks have incredible activities and attractions for any age range, and there were so many experience tailored to smaller children. The wonder, awe, and appreciation for each attraction was really special for this preschool age.


Epcot with kids

We started our trip at Epcot. The food choices are just amazing, and the kids loved walking from country to country tasting unique international treats.

Epcot has great rides and experiences for preschoolers. We loved the Frozen ride. It’s great for all kids, and there’s incredible creativity and details that everyone remembers. It is very much worth the wait. We used fast- passes throughout all the parks, due to working as media. Now that I know how great this ride is, I would wait anytime! The food & drinks in this park are absolutely amazing as well, which is a major win for parents.

The boys also loved The Seas with Nemo & Friends in Epcot. The ride is super magical and fun, then ends with an aquarium. They were able to see incredible sea creatures, including dolphins, a variety of fish, and manatees. They also had interactive games and learning fun before exiting to return to the park.

When to take your kids to Disney

Disney Springs

Disney Springs isn’t technically a park…but you must visit when you visit Disney World to the parks. There are unbelievable things to do and see. It really is perfect for this age. From the Lego Store where they can build their own creations, visiting fun-themed restaurants, to Bibbidie Boppity Boutique, you don’t want to miss out of this gem.

LegoLand in Disney Springs
Disney Springs
Disney Springs

Magic Kingdom

My favorite park for the preschool age is Magic Kingdom. It is just magnificent. Every time I enter those gates, my spirits are lifted. The kids get so excited to see Cinderella’s Castle, and there are countless attractions in this park that are perfect for these five-year old boys.

Magic Kingdom Castle

A few of our favorites were: Little Mermaid, Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, and Peter Pan. These rides are all super interactive, and the kids loved experiencing each one.

the best age for Disney World

There is tons of great food, restaurants you can book, and everything is kid friendly! We enjoyed Skipper Canteen for lunch and I would highly recommend it. Everything was delicious.

Skippers Canteen

The fireworks at Magic Kindgom are definitely the best fireworks I have ever experienced in my life. They are insanely magical, no matter what age you are. It is mind-blowing how Cinderella’s Castle is transformed, and the magnitude of the show is stunning. The kids were excited, sang along through the show, yelling out their favorite characters whenever spotted. No matter how tired you may feel like your little ones are at this point in the eveing, this is a must-see. Any crankiness with diminish when the show starts!

Magic Kingdom at Disney World fireworks

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is one of our favorite parks. Mainly, because all my boys are major animal lovers. This park feels like you’ve been transported to another country.

Mom and son at Animal Kingdom

Hands down, the Safari is my favorite for all ages. The little ones love seeing all of the animals in their natural habitat. The park has great attractions, and delicious food choices, and some amazing rides.

Animal Kingdom

Just walking into Pandora, is an experience in itself. There are film inspired attractions for everyone. Our little ones loved the Na’vi river Journey. This is a beautiful boat ride that immerses you into the beautiful world of Pandora.

Family at Disney

Hollywood Studios

I truly have a new love for Hollywood Studios! There are so many fun attractions for preschool children in this Disney Park. Our little guys were most excited about Lightning McQueen Racing Academy. This is their favorite movie so…seeing Lightning McQueen in person was life-changing for them. It was super interactive, and a really special experience for little kids.

Hollywood Studios in Disney World
Hollywood Studios for little kids

The Disney Junior Dance Party is made specifically for this age group. They dance and sing with their favorite characters…with special surprises along the way. My little guy jumped and danced the entire time!

Disney Junior Dance Party

Another highlight of Hollywood Studios is definitely Toy Story Land. You will feel completely like a little kid once you walk into this awesome area of the park. There’s many attractions for each age range to experience and enjoy. From thrilling roller coasters, to Toy Story Mania and Alien Swirling Saucers, your child will be in a toy-lover’s heaven.

Hollywood Studios toy story land

Visiting Disney World is amazing for any age. The preschool age truly is one of the best. There is so much for the little ones to experience. My son and nephew didn’t cry one time in 4 days and at this age…that is a miracle! These little guys were either jumping, skipping, or laughing the entire time. They had the time of their lives! I’m grateful for the magical memories made on this trip!

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**This trip was sponsored by Disney, we did not pay for any part of this trip. However, all opinions are completely my own.

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What is the best age for Disney? When should you take your kids? Here is a breakdown of all 4 parks with different ages!

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Cinderella’s castle looks so magical, fireworks or not!


I enjoyed Disney World at the age of 18. I haven’t taken my son, who is now six, but I plan to soon.


This is so good to know! I have 3 really little ones and I want to make sure they can enjoy it all!


So fun! I want to go back as an adult….before I have kids haha.


I feel like I would be in awe at Disney at any age. It’s just such a magical, wonderful place.

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