For the Mama Tired of Diet Culture

Recently, I wrote on Instagram about my feelings on being tired of diet culture and I realized how many people felt the same, felt frustrated with their bodies, social media, TV, and just exhausted by it all. I’m realizing how many toxic messages that women are taught every single day about their bodies, what makes … Continue Reading

During times of uncertainty, I rely on two things: my family + my faith

There’s so much happening on a daily basis I think I control that I do not. All of us have been affected from living in a pandemic for a while now—some more than others, of course—but all of us in ways big and small. We all want life to return to normal. But if protecting … Continue Reading

Lessons Learned: Your kids need you to be vulnerable

Parenting is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life. I desperately want my boys to grow up feeling empowered to be the best versions of themselves…with the least amount of emotional scars from home. I was really blessed to grow up in such a positive home with amazing parents. They … Continue Reading

Affordable Father’s Day Gifts

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own. We love celebrating Father’s Day in our home. My husband has been such an amazing father to our 3 boys, and the older I get I realize how many people don’t have that. He encourages them daily, plays with them, drives them to and … Continue Reading

The Most Convenient Services that Walmart Offers

This post is sponsored by Walmart, but all opinions are my own. If you love Walmart for their amazing selections and prices, but are also looking for ways to simplify your trips to the store … this post is for YOU!! Over the last year, I started using pickup and delivery services for everything. It’s … Continue Reading

3 Ways we are Making the Best of Quarantine

*This post is sponsored by the Chinet® brand, all opinions are my own.  It feels like we have been living in quarantine forever! As a mom that is running a business from home and teaching my kids as they learn virtually each day, things have been challenging. I’ve noticed that as the time continues on, … Continue Reading

3 Easy Tips for Creating a Optimal Home Learning Environment

*This post is sponsored by 3M yet all opinions are my own.  This school year has been a challenge for most parents. Most of our kids are doing a combination of school at home and in the building or they are at home full-time learning virtually. Many of us have felt like we were thrown … Continue Reading

Holiday Shopping: Best New Toys for Boys

*This post is sponsored by Walmart, all opinions are my own.  It’s that time ya’ll!!  My kids are circling all the ads that come into our house, and making lists of their top picks for the holidays. Even though my boys are all different ages, they like a lot of the same things so many … Continue Reading

My Fall Daily Routine

This post is sponsored by Chinet, but all opinions are my own.  The seasons have changed to Fall and as much as I love this season, it looks so much different this year for our family. Two of my kids are home and learning virtually throughout the week, while another one of my children is … Continue Reading

Struggling Financially? 7 Things that helped our family

You may look at our family now, and think we are flourishing, but for MOST of the last 14 years of our marriage we have struggled financially. We spent so much time living paycheck to paycheck, checking the bank account each day, and always searching for ways to increase our income. Over the years, I … Continue Reading