4 Tips for Reducing Stress When Hosting During the Holidays

This post is sponsored by BJ’s, yet all opinions are my own. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year at our home, and I’m very excited about it. I absolutely love providing a fun environment for family and friends to visit, relax and feel pampered. These efforts can also create tons of stress. I have learned … Continue Reading

5 ways we go on vacation every year without breaking the bank

Vacations have always been important to our family. I was lucky enough to grow up going on a vacation every year with my family. This had a great impact on my childhood memories, and I feel blessed to be able to do that for my kids. We have done this for the last 13 years, … Continue Reading

How Our Family Saves Money on Everyday Household Items

“This post has been sponsored by P&G Fabric Care. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” I am the queen of stretching a dollar and looking for ways to save.  I’m always hunting for the best prices for our everyday household items needs, and shopping on Amazon is one of my favorite ways to do … Continue Reading

The #1 Way You Can Save BIG On Clothes

I am always looking for a steal.  It is very rare that I pay full price for any item that comes into my house.  I kinda get a high off of seeing how much I saved on something, especially clothing.  I have found the #1 way you can save money on clothes for yourself and … Continue Reading

4 Tips To Save Money on Lunch

This post is sponsored by PackIt, but all opinions and views are completely my own.   I am always looking for ways to save money on lunch. Whether you work or stay-at-home, spending money, eating out for lunch, can be a temptation.  Although, I pack my kid’s lunches for school, this is another item that … Continue Reading

Simplify your 401K

  401K’s stress anyone else out??!  There is a company that promotes simplifying your life while managing your 401k. 401K’s are confusing, but they don’t have to add stress to your life. Blooom believes that 401K help should be smart, simple and affordable.  These 3 things matter to me in every area of my life … Continue Reading

10 SUPER cheap things to do with your kids this summer

Summer is here!  Summer means all of my kiddos are home.  There are some pros and cons with this.  My kids will argue out of boredom when we spend too much time in the house. Especially if there is no structure or activities during the day. I have a huge bank of ideas I pull … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Managing Money in Marriage Well

When talking about managing money in marriage, most couples fall into two categories. They either have no problem talking about money and welcome working together to manage their finances. Or they try to avoid talking about money at all and leave one person responsible for managing their finances. I can admit that when I first … Continue Reading

How I’m updating my home without spending a fortune

This post is sponsored by Nuloom.  All opinions are my own.  Lately I’ve been focusing on making some updates to our home to enjoy this space we live in even more. I’ve been amazed how much more  I enjoy living in our home when it feels updated and modern.  So, here are some ways I’ve … Continue Reading

How I save money on my kid’s shoes

This post is sponsored by EasyKicks.  All opinions are my own. I have 3 boys.  They all grow so quickly and don’t stay in clothes or shoes very long.  This is a dilemma mostly for my wallet.  My kids barely stay in shoes for more than a season and the older they get, the quicker … Continue Reading