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I am always looking for ways to save money on lunch. Whether you work or stay-at-home, spending money, eating out for lunch, can be a temptation.  Although, I pack my kid’s lunches for school, this is another item that can really add up.  So…I’m sharing 4 tips with you to help save money on your lunches, and lunches for your family.

1.  Meal Plan

Many of us spend time planning out dinners for the week, but neglect planning for lunches.  I know I have been guilty of this.  Without a plan, I am often scrambling for something to eat. Many times that means I grab something quick while I’m out and about.  A few dollars here and there can be a major cost when it’s added up.

Now when heading to the store for the week with my list, I plan my ideas for lunch time as well.  When lunch time meals are planned out, I am less likely to buy fast food on the go.

When I make grocery trips, I am usually running a million other errands for the week. Here my freezable grocery bag from PackIt is a must.  All I do is place it in the freezer overnight (12 hours), and it activates the built-in freezer gel, and will stay cold for hours just like a refrigerator.  I love how it folds down to a smaller size, but when expanded, I can fit a ton of food and drinks in there.

save money on lunch

save money on lunch

2.  Get a reusable bag/container.

My kids always pack their lunches…Every day.  This saves us tons of money.  For a while, we were using paper bags, but that cost also adds up throughout the year.  Buying a reusable bag or container saves a lot of time and money.

We grabbed our kids these awesome PackIt lunch bags to use every day.  PackIt freezable bags are the only all-in-one coolers that chill food and drinks for hours.  This is perfect because they pack their lunches early in the morning and don’t get them out until lunch time.  The built-in freezable gel keeps items cool for hours.

save money on lunch

save money on lunch

I love that they are made from nontoxic poly canvas, and have a food-safe water-resistant lining.  They are also PVC-, BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free. I feel peace giving them to my kids, knowing they are safe to use daily.  My kids love them and they offer a variety of designs that will fit any child’s personality.

3.  Include less meat.

I plan a few days that include peanut butter & jelly or cheese quesadillas for me and the kids.  The less meat you use, the cheaper the meal. There are many alternatives to a meat filled lunch. Here are other ideas I love: avocado toast, hummus & veggie sandwich, black bean burgers, and veggie soups.

This is an easy way to save money on your grocery bill for your lunches, while saving some money each week.  There can be health benefits for you and your kids also.

4.  Buy the block.

Buy a rotissere chicken and cut it up.  In the beginning of the week, buy and slice a block of your favorite cheese. Anything like this, pre-sliced, costs more money.  When you buy a larger portion, or “block” of anything, you can save quite a bit.  Convenience is usually expensive, and isn’t always worth it.  It will only take you 10 minutes to cut-up something, saving loads of money.

I hope these tips will help save your family money on lunches.  We love our PackIt items, so head over and discover great offerings that will save your family money throughout the year.

For more money saving tips check out ” 10 ways to save on your household expenses.”


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These are all great actionable ideas. I particularly like the idea of sometimes cutting down on meat. Not only is it often cheaper to do so, but it can also really help to increase the amount of veggies in our diet.


Yes so true!


These are such great tips! We do meal planning every week and it has truly worked for us!

Belle | One Awesome Momma




These are great points. We live in Canada and cheese is sooo expensiv. We often buy a block and cut it up ourselves in order to save a little!


Good for you! Saves so much!


Loved all these ideas. My husband is vegetarian so only my lunches use meat, so we save a lot of money there. Another tip I’d say is to cook extra. Cook once eat twice! My husband always takes leftovers to work for lunch.


These are fantastic tips! It’s kind of crazy to think how easily lunches can add up!


Great tips. Taking the time for meal planning makes such a big difference for my family!

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