401K’s stress anyone else out??!  There is a company that promotes simplifying your life while managing your 401k. 401K’s are confusing, but they don’t have to add stress to your life.

Blooom believes that 401K help should be smart, simple and affordable.  These 3 things matter to me in every area of my life so, I’m sure they are of value to you as well.

Blooom is made up of a group of experts dedicated to managing your 401k online in a simple, affordable way.  They give people the confidence to make smarter decisions with their hard-earned dollars.

Blooom is a low cost ($10 per month) financial advice solution that leverages technology to manage people’s 401ks, lowering the barrier to financial advice. Blooom is the financial tool for the undeserved.  Most importantly they don’t expect you to translate complicated charts or math problems about the health of your own account. At Blooom, your 401k is represented as a flower, so you can see what you’re paying in hidden fees or what types of funds you’re invested in at a glance.

There seems to be so much to worry about concerning our futures, so much to focus my time and energy on.  I have been looking for ways to simplify where I can in my life.

I was able to head to their site and complete their 401K analysis.  It included super simple questions that anyone can answer and is a perfect place to get started.  So head over to check it out.


401K help

401K help

401K help

Retirement gives me anxiety when I think about it, and wondering if I’m doing everything I need to, to set us up for success without being a financial burden to our children.

Blooom offers you the chance to have a stress- free relationship with your 401K.  They free you up to invest your time in the things that matter most. We have 3 boys that we are raising, and there are so many ways we are trying to invest in their futures. Looking for ways to simplify 401k decisions is one way to simplify our future.

Affordable Online 401k Management For The 99% – blooom, inc

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll have to look into this!


This post is so helpful and good to keep on hand for the future!


Looks like an easy way to stay on top of retirement.


I love the idea of having this stuff simplified. I am always overwhelmed with all of the different components of my retirement plan. It’s so nice to have everything laid out clearly in one program!

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