I will be posting some meals that I’ve made and taken photos of from the previous week to give you some ideas and, save you some time on your planning for the week.  I will not be posting recipes but, feel free to comment if you need a specific recipe and I will post it.  I will add some tips for cooking certain meals but, overall this is just to give you some ideas and make it easier to make your shopping list.  This truly is the #1 way to save money.  Cook. It. Yourself.


meal plans

Ribs, Yellow Rice, Spinach salad w/ tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and shredded parmesan cheese

*The ribs are from Costco and on sale this month for an extra $3 off so we had to pick them up!



meal plans

Fried fish, french fries and Italian style green  beans

*Tilapia and Whiting are my favorites for fried fish.  If I don’t use the “Louisiana Fish Fry” mix, I use seasoned salt, old bay and garlic powder as my seasonings before coating in flour and cornmeal mixture.



meal plans

Chicken enchiladas, black beans, sweet corn

* If you want to take your enchiladas to the next level, put a few chicken breasts in the Crockpot seasoned with Goya Adobo, Sazón Goya, and garlic and cook 6 hours and, it will shred perfectly to use for the enchiladas.

*Black beans are great cooked with diced onion and green pepper (not added this time) also seasoned with a packet of Sazón goya.



meal plans

This is a spaghetti sauce (with onions and red & orange bell peppers) over rotini noodles with seasoned green beans and “red lobster biscuits” (made with Bisquick mix).



We ordered pizza and wings!! Night off for this mama!

We had some plans over the weekend with friends and being out of town so I didn’t have to cook but, usually I will post the weekend too. Hope this makes life a little more stress free this week for you! Thanks for following!


meal plans



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