5 ways we go on vacation every year without breaking the bank

Vacations have always been important to our family. I was lucky enough to grow up going on a vacation every year with my family. This had a great impact on my childhood memories, and I feel blessed to be able to do that for my kids. We have done this for the last 13 years, … Continue Reading

Meal Plans {Week of 8/29}

Hey everyone!! I hope this meal plan will help you gain some ideas for some easy and different meals for your family this week.  I write tips on cooking certain items under each meal but, if you ever want an exact recipe just ask in the comment section below. Many of the recipes I cook … Continue Reading

7 ways Costco saves our family money

I have three boys so, Costco has become a frequent place for us to shop.  Many people don’t want to swallow that membership fee but, it will literally pay you back in one shopping trip.  FYI, its only $55 a year for incredibly discounted prices.  Costco can have the “Wal-Mart” syndrome… everything is a great … Continue Reading

Meal Plans {Week of May 16}

I will be posting some meals that I’ve made and taken photos of from the previous week to give you some ideas and, save you some time on your planning for the week.  I will not be posting recipes but, feel free to comment if you need a specific recipe and I will post it.  … Continue Reading

How to save big bucks at the grocery store!

  > This is one of those post that I will probably come back and update continuously because, I find new tips weekly that help me save money.  I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys and, I have been for almost 10 years!! Our kids ages are 10, 8 and then a … Continue Reading