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Cleaning the dishes is not my favorite task, so I am always looking for ways to simplify it and make it more enjoyable so, here are some simple ways we are doing that!

1. Make it a family affair.

We all pitch in daily in our home. We usually tag-team so that no one has to do it alone and it seems to make such a big difference. My older boys team up, and my husband and I do the same. When you have someone to talk to or laugh with, it makes it go so much faster. 

One person will load while the other unloads. My husband is absolutely awesome and does the dishes more than I do, so I’m grateful for that and I love to keep him company!

Dishes easier with someone

2.Pick a better detergent.

I have tried soooo many dish detergents and it’s hard to find one that works well. Most of the time we have to reload half of our dishes because they don’t get cleaned completely. 

Lemi Shine dishwashing products have quickly become a favorite in our home. Our dishes are 100% clean with zero toxic residue. 

Many conventional cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals that remain on the surface of dishes and countertops unless they’re thoroughly wiped away after use. With Lemi Shine, no additional rinse or wipe down is needed. This saves time and energy for all of us to get this task done quickly and efficiently.

Making dishes easier

Lemi Shine is one of the safest options on the market, especially for those of us who are always searching for powerful products that are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Lemi Shine has a whole line of great products to take the headache out of everyday tasks. Some of my favorites are their Dish Detergent Pacs, Booster, Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Washing Machine Cleaner, and Dishwasher Cleaner.

Lemi Shine makes dishes easier

3. Rinse as you go.

My husband has been encouraging everyone to rinse their dish before placing it in the kitchen sink and it’s made a big difference. It makes loading so much easier when you aren’t sitting there trying to wipe dishes. It also just keeps the sink cleaner all together. 

It only takes everyone less than a minute, but makes doing the dishes significantly easier and faster. 

Would love to hear any other tips you have in the comments.

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