I have partnered with Lorena Canals Rugs to share with you the reveals of our older boys bedrooms in our new home. All opinions are my own.


As many of you know, we moved into our new home a few weeks ago, and we absolutely love it.  Our previous home was quite a bit smaller, and as the kids were growing we wanted some extra space. Our oldest just turned 13, and wanted his own room so it was fun to decorate it to fit his style. My youngest two decided they wanted to share a space together so they came up with a common theme.

Like most parents, we set up the boys rooms before our own, and I am loving the way they turned out.

My oldest is now officially a teen so, he wanted to graduate from a “kiddie” looking room, to an older and stylish theme. He is very into cars, and wanted that theme, but with an antique twist. I got most of his art work from an art discount warehouse, and Hobby Lobby. His bedding and furniture, I picked up from Target during recent home sales.

He wanted his room to feature blues and reds so I started looking for items with those color schemes.

Big Boy Room Reveal

Big Boy Room Reveal

My favorite items in his room are the big “J” to represent his name, and this Lorena Canals rug. You can see, and feel the high quality of this rug, and I love the uniqueness of it.  The best part is that their rugs are all washable.

The smile on his face when he saw his room completed was truly priceless. The only problem is now he constantly wants to stay in there!


For my youngest two, we went with an animal theme. If you have followed me for a while, you know my middle son loves animals more than anyone I have ever met. He reads the Animal Encyclopedia for fun, and knows the scientific names, habitats, and endless facts. He also wanted a room that felt “older” to him. I really want this home to flow better, so decorating this room with more style, incorporating the things they love, was perfect. They both just adore it.

Big Boy Room Reveal

Big Boy Room Reveal

Big Boy Room Reveal

This Lorena Canals rug is just the show stopper. I love the colors and prints. The fact that it is washable is so perfect for these two.

I decided to do lots of pillow covers in this house, and buy the standard pillows online. I fell in love with these geometric animal covers, and so did the kids, and I easily found them on Amazon. They tied in perfectly with the beautiful rhinoceros that I found at a local store.  My son really wanted orange to be the accent color, and everything just came together perfectly.

I am obsessed with their rooms, and so excited to finish decorating our home. Stay tuned.


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The rugs really do make the rooms pop, I hope you were able to secure one for your master.

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