This post is sponsored by Bob Ruth Ford in Dillsburg, PA but all opinions are my own.

2020 Ford Explorer Platinum

Over the last month we have had the privilege of partnering with Bob Ruth Ford in Dillsburg, PA to try out the 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum SUV.

Bob Ruth Ford is such a great place to purchase a car because, they have amazing customer service and have a quick & easy process to get you in and out. This is something we really value, because the last time we purchased a car, it took over 3 hours and with 3 kids in tow, that was torture.

The Ford Explorer Platinum has some amazing features, and if you don’t think that is in your budget make sure you check out their leasing options!

They are a great dealership so, if you are in the area or in driving distance, it is definitely worth it.

This car is AMAZING!!! We have all loved it since the moment we got in and there are so many great features to enjoy, but I am going to name my top 5.

1. Massaging Seats.

This is heaven when you are on a long car ride. Last week, we packed up and drove 5 hours to VA to visit family, and those massage seats came in so handy. They have various settings, and help you feel relaxed whether you want a treat in the middle of the day or have hours of driving ahead of you.

2. LCD touchscreen.

The amount of features that come with this touchscreen would take me hours to explain. This thing is amazing and so incredibly convenient. From Apple Car Play to changing the ambient lighting throughout the cabin, it does everything!

2020 Ford Explorer Platinum

3. Twin-panel Moon roof.

This is probably my favorite feature of the 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum because, it really changes the “feel” of being inside a vehicle. It brings in so much extra light that you almost feel outside. We love this!

2020 Ford Explorer Platinum

4. Heated Steering Wheel & Seats

It is cold in PA, so the heated steering wheel comes in handy so, I don’t have to use gloves! Also, not just the front seats are heated, but the captains chairs in the back too! My kids clearly love this feature.

5. Lane Keeping System.

One of the coolest features is the Lane Keeping System. When the car starts to drift into another lane or to the side of the road, you will feel the steering wheel move back into your lane. I can’t image how many accident this could prevent.

We really loved the 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum and if you are looking for a new SUV this is definitely a great choice. Also, make sure you head over to Bob Ruth Ford to learn about all of the amazing options they have to get you into the car you want!

2020 Ford Explorer Platinum

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