What to do when your feeling discouraged

All of us have days that seem they are just too much to handle and can feel so overwhelming.  Whether you feel like your dropping the ball in every category of life or you got in a disagreement with someone you love, it seems pretty easy for a good day to turn into a bad one.

Sometimes nothing even really happens, it is just the fact that we have a real enemy in Satan who loves to attacks our minds even when everything around us may look perfect.  He is great at construing reality and truth and making us believe his lies about our lives, ourselves and those around us.  I truly am writing this post for me just as much as I hope it encourages you on days when your feeling discouraged.

Some days the kids feel like they are out of control and I feel like nothing I’m doing in right…some days it feels like I have leaps and bounds to grow in my marriage, some days you feel lonely and like no one cares or appreciates all that you do…. some days everything offends or hurts your feelings..and some days you just feel like an out right failure in life…but, there are some things that I’ve learned have turned some of those days and those “attacks” from Satan around to seeing the day and whatever trials I’m going through in a different way.



Many times we forget the incredible power we possess in the power of prayer.  We can ask the God of the universe to help us in every situation and He is so faithful to hear & answer our prayers.  I literally could write a million pages on how many prayers of mine have been answered in the smallest of situations to the biggest, impossible of situations.  He answers when we have faith in Him.  He wants us to be in constant communion with him and, many times it takes trials for us to look to Him desperately but, when we are faithful to seek Him and trust in Him… He ALWAYS comes through! Praying through a day of feeling discouraged truly makes me feel more at ease because, as I give God my problems, He always gives me peace.



You would be amazed how your problems and emotions are  by heightened social media.  I have never heard anyone say they felt better from looking on social media when they were having a bad day.  Most times people were feeling bad about themselves and then see a mom or friend that seems to be doing everything better and, they feel even worse about themselves, their marriage, their family, and their friends.  Many times it causes anger or jealousy to arise and taking a break from that distraction allows you to truly focus on God and lean on Him.

We use TV, social media even music (depending on what kind) sometimes to escape our problems and not have to think about them but, the only thing that will truly help you is crying out to God and leaning on Him.  These things are just distractions that have been placed on this earth to keep you from growing.  It keeps you from self-reflection and being dependent on Christ rather than these “distractions” to get you in a better mood.

Even as Christians, many people search and search for things that will distract them from the reality of their lives and, that keeps them from being honest with themselves and real with God about how much they need him.

Side note: Why people expose their kids to these temptations, distractions, feelings of jealousy, emphasis on popularity and, caring so much of what others think of them at such a young age makes no sense to me.  If you deal with these issues from social media why would you add that stress on your children in years when they are trying to figure themselves out, they are vulnerable and insecure about who they are and wanting people to like them.

Social media heightens this and, shapes their priorities to those of “the world” more than those of Christ.  My heart breaks for these kids, that are forced even younger to not enjoy childhood and, at these moldable ages they are learning these shallow values for their lives and, are constantly allowed to be on their phones not making real interactions with those around them.  They deal with the same issues you do about social media x 10 because, they do not have the maturity to regulate it, know if someone is lying or overexaggerating, or just knowing not to take everything to heart.  They believe everything someone posts is a fact and, opening them to such a large world of Facebook or Instagram exposes that to more than you as a parent can even know because, you can’t stand over them 24/7.  Please don’t care more about your kids liking you or thinking you’re a cool parent and, care more about giving them the easiest, simplest, less stressful life where they strive after the Lord above the world, as they are in these very critical years.  Rant over. LOL



I promise I’m not contradicting myself… whenever I feel discouraged I play as much praise music as I can.  So many times God will speak right to my situation through the music I’m listening to.  I can feel so low and I turn on any kind of worship music and, I can’t help but change my perspective from “Poor me ..” to ” Wow, I am ridiculously blessed!” For me, this music puts my mind back on how blessed I am and seeing things through the spiritual realm of how Satan is trying to attack me and making a choice to glorify God with the remainder of the day! Music pumps you up to go to battle for what you know is right.



For those of you who don’t know, there is an amazing bible app you can download on your phone.  The really cool thing is that there are these plans that you can pick by subject that are short devotionals that you can do daily.  So, if you are feeling discouraged there are a bunch on that, if you are struggling with a relationship of some kind..there are a bunch on that.  You can seriously find any subject you need.  I have found these short devotionals when I just don’t know where to turn have been incredibly instrumental in my day turning completely around.



Now this isn’t the time to call up someone who you know is just going to agree with you or tell you how bad life is and just mope with you.   We all have that friend that will just make us feel worse or not really push us to make the right choices.  That might feel good for a second, to be able to just vent and, know you will get no conviction from them but, that’s not what we need.  I have had some amazing friends and family who I called when I am struggling and they don’t tell me what I want to hear but, what I need to hear and, it helps me again put my focus back on the Lord and see how to handle the situation/thoughts or whatever I am dealing with in a better way and, I walk away feeling encouraged, happier and like I can conquer the world!  The worst thing you can do is keeping to yourself in your own mind, not talking to anyone.  This is not how God has created us, nor is that what He calls us to do.  It’s a sure way to failure and your day staying exactly the same.





what to do when discouraged


what to do when discouraged





What do you think?

July 5, 2016

Same here!! Music always lifts my mood. A walk helps me too. And I totally agree. Staying away from social media is super helpful at times.

July 5, 2016

Yes! great suggestions!Thanks!

August 6, 2016

You are so right about social media!!! I’m so addicted to my phone, I dont even realize it takes over my life! It truly takes away from my creativity as we’ll because all the free time I get is dedicated to mindlessly scrolling through fb. Thanks for the tips girliy!

August 6, 2016

Yes, we all are addicted lol but, yea it helps to take a break!

August 6, 2016

There is power in prayer and yet it is sometimes our last resort, after everything else has failed. It should always be our first step. Thank you for this reminder.

August 6, 2016

Yes i couldn’t agree more!

August 6, 2016

Yes so agree. I never really cared that much about social until I started blogging because as every blogger knows it is good to stay connected on several platforms. Great reminders here. Your family is beautiful by the way. 🙂
xo, Nicole

August 7, 2016

Yes, you definitely care more as a blogger! Thanks so much!

Music really helps when I’m feeling down. It also helps when I’m having a “hard” day with the kids. Music is great for getting me out of my funk.

August 7, 2016

Yes! It’s amazing how powerful it is in changing my mood!

August 8, 2016

Prayer is so important when we are feeling down! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing! I have a weekly devo on Wednesdays over on my blog. I would love for you to check it out sometime: http://www.followthedyers.com

August 8, 2016

That’s great! Prayer and devotions are so incredibly important for any time we are down.

August 8, 2016

These are all great ways to lift one’s spirits. I totally agree with the social media break.

August 8, 2016

Yes, it’s amazing the impact it can have!

August 8, 2016

Keeping up a discipline is hard. I freely admit that I haven’t prayed or read the Bible as much as I did before I started my blog. I’m starting to structure my time better so that I can include everything I want and need to do and be more productive.

August 8, 2016

Oh I totally get it! It’s hard the more we put in our schedules and I’ve started to make a more stricter schedule too with blogging! I’m sure you will find that balance! Staying close to God just makes everything easier!

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