Every year I make resolutions. They usually focus on my health and business. I usually forget to set resolutions for my marriage…and relationships in general.

The most important relationship in my life is my marriage. Yet, it sometimes falls to the end of lists of important things to focus. It’s easy to feel like a marriage relationship will sustain itself. Something I have learned from 14 years of marriage, and every marriage relationship I look up to…sustaining these relationships requires putting in consistent work!

A great marriage takes hard work and intentionality. An important part of that is setting resolutions for growth.

I encourage you to set resolutions with your spouse or by yourself. At the same time, we can always work on ourselves first, unaided by others. That is the kind of wife I want to be and I’m sharing my resolutions below:

1. Regular Date Nights.

This is something we used to do on a regular basis, and have gotten away from because of…kids.

I also realize “regular” has a different definition for everyone. Pick what works for you. Some people can do weekly, some do monthly…but I am determined to schedule date nights as a priority.

2. Less Criticism.

Sometimes, the longer you are married, the more flaws you tend to see in someone. “For better, for worse…” means endurance for all the good and bad. I really want to be a wife that focuses on the good.

Of course this doesn’t mean we don’t challenge our spouses to grow and become better people. We also don’t need to knit pick at everything they do. I want my interactions with my husband to be more positive than negative this year.

3. Pray together daily.

We have done this off and on through the years and let me tell you…it is POWERFUL! There are many verses that mention the power experienced from praying with others. We forfeit this when we don’t come together. Even if we just say a 5 min prayer together, I want to make this more of a priority.

I also realize we share much more about our concerns, hopes, and dreams when we pray together. It gives you a deeper look into the heart of your spouse, helping your marriage grow in intimacy.

4. Touch More.

If you are married more than 5 years, you know this is a resolution we could all use. It’s easy to get used to each other. Touching regularly brings connection in many ways.

Holding hands, hugging, kissing, and being intimate with your spouse on a regular basis makes a world of a difference! This is something I want to be intentional about adding more into our daily interactions.

I always want to make a realistic number of resolutions. This way they stay attainable. Four resolutions feels realistic and attainable for me, but feel free to add more if you think you can stay focused on them!

Here’s to a year of amazing, thriving marriages!!!

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Marriage Resolutions

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Great post! Thanks for sharing!




Thank you for such a timely reminder to make sure we don’t neglect our marriages in setting goals for the new year! Happy New Year and God bless!


I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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