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I have never used any Cricut machines before this past week, and I am officially in love. To say there couldn’t be a better time to use this is an understatement. While we are spending more time in our home, my kids and I have loved to design and personalize a variety of items.

This past week, I received the Cricut Easy Press 2 and the Cricut Joy. Both have so many amazing features. Here is a quick breakdown, and then I will share with you the easiest projects ever!

Cricut Joy and Cricut Easy Press 2

The Cricut Joy is a smart little cutting and writing machine that makes it easy to personalize anything you can think of. There are no buttons, it just easily works from an app or the website. You can create right there on your device, and through Bluetooth, it will start creating any design you can think of! Amazing.

The Cricut Easy Press 2 is great for quick, persistent, professional heat transfers that will last. It’s super easy to use with it’s simple controls and has a simple guide to show you the times and temps to use. It’s a stress-free heat press that you could use on anything from bags and shirts, to banners.

Cricut Press 2 easy project

Every morning, the first thing I make is coffee, and I’ve always wanted a personalized coffee mug, so that was the first thing I wanted to take on.

I cannot believe how easy and quick this was to create with the Cricut Joy.

  1. Create your design on Cricut Design Space App or on your desktop. I used my desktop for this project. They provide many different templates and photos/ designs that are pre-made that you can choose from as well.
Cricut Design
  1. Preview & Update any settings to what type of items you are printing on. For instance, with the smart products, I don’t need to use any mat underneath but can add it right to the printer.
  2. Insert chosen color of paper into the Cricut Joy and let the printing begin.
Cricut Joy Easy Projects
  1. Peel back vinyl to see your design.
  2. Add transfer tape, and you will see your design transfer onto that.
Making a mug with Cricut Joy
  1. Place your design on your mug and slowly peel off.
Simple Projects with Cricut
Mug with Cricut

Perfection in a matter of minutes!!!

I’m ready to design every cup or mug I own! Haha

Simple projects with Cricut

I also made a quick personalized tank-top with the Easy Press 2. This again was super simple. All I had to do was create the design. Peel off the Vinyl. Place it on the shirt and iron it on both sides. The helpful heat guide showed me what temps and how long.

After it cooled, I pulled it back to see the beautiful finished product.

Shirt made with Cricut Easy Press 2

My kids are loving this machine just as much as me! It makes super complicated projects, super simple and easy to do. I am not a crafty person, but I have truly fell in love with Cricut.

Make sure you check them out at Target!

Easy Projects to make with the Cricut Joy

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