Let’s be honest friends….quarantine hasn’t been easy for anyone. At times, it feels like it’s lasting forever!

Being stuck in the house, keeping my kids entertained, dealing with updates on the virus, trying to manage friendships, keeping a healthy marriage, and educating people in my circle about the racism (that has been a normal part of my life for 34 years), has been a lot to handle.

Many of you have unfortunately, have dealt with loss of jobs, financial hardships, loss of relationships, and sick loved ones who are effected by the virus. I’m sure the list goes on.

All of this really hasn’t been easy for any of us. At the same time, there is so much value in healthy coping methods when anxiety seems to be getting the best of you. Here are some working especially well for me!

1.Pray more often.

Prayer and my relationship with Jesus has been really important during this time. I have seen Him, through prayer…open opportunities for my business, reduce the stress from my workload, and even calm my kids. There are many times I try to fix problems on my own. However, when I simply PAUSE and turn to Him in prayer, the peace that fills my heart and my body is amazing.

I realize I don’t have to carry any of this alone. If I ask Him for help, He is faithful to give it!

2. Blast some music.

Ahhhh…the power of music! On the most stressful days, I turn on my favorite music and it changes the entire mood in my home. It helps me release anxiety. Positive music helps me focus back on what really matters in this life, and for me 90’s music can almost take away any stress. In these moments, I can dance with my kids and take things in my life a little bit easier!

3. Get in some exercise.

As badly as I wish I was that person always talking about loving exercise, it’s something I actually hate doing! LOL

At the same time, I do push myself to get moving. Whether taking walk, jumping on my Peloton or following a workout video in my living room, anytime I complete it…I feel less stress and anxiety is lifted.

Exercise is known to help mental health. Days I feel my worst, moving my body almost always changes my mood. It also puts everything back into perspective. It helps me stay grateful for a healthy body that can be active and works the way its supposed to.

4. Chat with a friend.

This seems really simple, yet it’s powerful. Venting your frustrations honestly, is therapeutic. I recently saw a quote saying, “…Best Friends are our unpaid therapists!” This so true.

Many times when we talk through these things, we can process them more effectively. Sometimes I even realize how silly they are. Over the years, I’ve realized keep everything inside is one of the worst things I can do in stressful situations. This is how we can deceive ourselves. We stay in our own minds and things become amplified.

When we give light to our issues and hardships through conversation, it brings freedom and perspective. There is something so therapeutic about talking it all out.

5. Get professional help.

Ok, loose any negative stigma here. This doesn’t mean you have some major problem or issue. I am a big fan of professional counseling. It really is a safe place to share thoughts and gain direction. Like all of us, counselors aren’t perfect people, but they have training to help discover healthy ways to cope with anxieties your dealing with.

Another option is looking into medication. There is a vast variety of types and doses available to help process thoughts more effectively and really gain clarity. If you feel you’re in a rough place. I encourage you to talk to your health professional and have the conversation about it. It can be life changing!

6. Get Alone.

My personality is definitely a mix between being an extrovert and introvert. During this time especially, I have really needed more time alone. This is mainly because during quarantine, I never get a break from my kids.

I have been taking time upstairs in my room in the evenings to unwind, be alone, and just hear myself breathe. It has been amazing! Whether I watch a show, read a book, or sit and pray…this has been refreshing. It helps me re-center my thoughts and not become overwhelmed by everything happening in the world.

7. Thankful Lists

Making a list of 10 things you are thankful for within that day is a great practice. It helps me stay focused on the positive things in my life and not on the issues bringing me anxiety.

It’s so easy to focus on what’s negative, but we have to push ourselves to see all the positive.

A few times a week, before I go to bed, I make this list and I feel incredible joy and peace when I am finished.

I encourage you to be specific and see the difference it makes in your perspective every day!

I hope these 7 things are helpful ways for you to deal with anxiety during these times. It’s really normal to feel that way. Life often isn’t easy, especially right now. However, finding ways to cope, finding joy and peace is a game changer! Take care of yourselves friends!

For more articles on encouragement, check out “Bible Verses on Fear.”

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All of this! I also stop saying I am stuck at home; I started saying I am safe at home. That small word change has helped me too.


Yes!! I totally get that!


This is a great list of ways to walk through anxiety! Thanks for the reminders that I know, but don’t always remember when I need them.


Yes! I totally get that!

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