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This time has been challenging for so many, and our family included. Staying home so much has made us feel isolated in a lot of ways and planning a safe family getaway was exactly what we needed. 

Our family packed up and drove an hour to a secluded Airbnb, literally in the middle of nowhere. We stayed at a beautiful home that was right in the middle of the beautiful views that nature offers in Pennsylvania. Who knew a change of 4 walls could do so much for your mental health?!

Safe Getaway

The excitement of packing up and heading to another home was so exciting for us all. The home was so cozy, we had a pool table, hot tub, TV and brought lots of games and crafts. We had pretty poor cell service, but that became a blessing in disguise that helped us just disconnect, rest and relax.

Safe Getaway
Safe Getaway with family

We packed up all of our food and drinks as the closest restaurant or store was about 20 minutes away. To make it even easier, we grabbed some easy meals to make and used Chinet® brand products for everything!! Zero cleanup meant we could relax without thinking of the normal chores we take care of on a daily basis at home.

Safe Getaway with Chinet
Great food on getaway

We used Chinet® Cut Crystal® products for a fun seafood & steak night, the Chinet® Classic White™ products for daily meals, and the Chinet® Comfort Cup® insulated hot cups for our daily coffee and any other great drinks!

Safe Getaway

We spent our days painting pictures, playing board games, eating delicious food, and exploring the nature around us. It was cold and we didn’t even care. It was just nice to do something different.

Hike on  safe getaway

It was such a great weekend. We realized that when we came home we all felt refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. We were ready to go back to our normal schedules with a new perspective. 

It can feel like it’s impossible to plan a safe getaway during this time, but it is possible. If you can swing it, I encourage you to book a home away from all the hustle of life and take a weekend to enjoy the slowness and simpleness of life while gaining a renewed perspective. 

Also, a weekend feels like a week when you haven’t been away in months and months. Grab some Chinet® brand products and keep any chores to a minimum. This is definitely a time to take care of ourselves and our loved ones so, I encourage you to find simple ways to do that each day!

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