Sharing tips, tricks and my top 5 Instagram growth hacks for success

Instagram growth hacks

This year, I reached 180K followers on Instagram, and with all the questions I get on growing my audience I wanted to share what’s been working for me.

I should start off my saying, I have been a full-time influencer and blogger for a little over 4 years. This was not a get rich quick scheme, it took lots of hard work and determination to get to this point.

Some people grow quicker and some a lot slower. Here I am sharing the Instagram growth hacks that have consistently worked for me in the midst of constantly changing algorithms.

1. Consistency.

Instagram loves for you to be on the app and favors how much you post. Your content is more likely to be seen if you are posting on a regular basis. Some people post daily, some every other day or 3 times a week, but be consistent.

As you gain followers, this also shows them that they can expect content from you each week.

2. Collaborate.

Build relationships with other bloggers and influencers of ALL follower sizes. How do you do that? Support their content, engage in their stories and send them regular messages.

Many of my followers I talk to on a regular basis, and feel that they have become friends and co workers.

Pay for blogger conferences to meet people in person. Those relationships can turn into some of the best relationships where you can partner together for giveaways and other opportunities that has the opportunity to grow your following as well.

Another tip in collaboration, is to tag other accounts that you love. They may re-share your stories and send you followers as well! I re-share tags all the time!

3. Use the features.

Again, Instagram will favor your content when you use multiple features they offer. Whether with creating stories or on your feed. New features and filters are constantly being released so, showing them you are engaged and relevant on the platform gives your content a boost.

Instagram doesn’t show all of your audience your photos, even if that is only 100 people. That is why you tend to see the same people on your feed when you scroll. They show you the accounts that you like+comment on the most, so these Instagram hacks help more of your audience to see your photos.

4. Hashtags & location tags.

Many people search hashtags and location tags to find influencers they want to follow. Add them to every photo, but mix them up! Don’t copy the same ones to each photo or they will start to recognize it as spam. Make sure they apply to your photo that is posted and to your account.

Also, I would mention that many people grow by getting their photos featured on various bigger accounts so, tag different brands that are in the photos.

5. Go Live.

When I first started, I used to go live more often as it helped more people see my account! Many people get so nervous to do this so if you don’t feel comfortable showing yourself, go live at an event or show what your doing. Like anything else practice makes perfect.

I hope these tips help you grow, and just like anything else if this is your goal then treat it more like a job than a hobby and you will see the benefits of your hard work.

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