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This year Thanksgiving and Christmas are looking a little different than previous years. We typically get together with lots of extended family, travel, get dressed up, and spend the day catching up with our family and friends. 

I love cooking with family, and passing down memories, but this year will be small, with just our family in our home. We can still play games, watch sports, and eat delicious food in a more intimate setting.

It will be simpler all around, but just as special. I won’t be cooking for tons of people, so I am all about creating an easier day in the kitchen, while still getting to spend lots of quality time together throughout this special day! 

Here are a few simple ways that I am simplifying Thanksgiving this year that will hopefully help you do the same and get to focus on family. 

Simplify Cleanup

Every year, I spend so much time in the kitchen prepping and cleaning up dishes, so using disposable products from Chinet brand to help with the mess makes a big difference. I can spend more time with my family relaxing and less time over the sink. 

I love to still make the meal feel more beautiful for the holidays, and Chinet® Cut Crystal® products are perfect for that! The Chinet® Cut Crystal® cups make any drink look “fancy” and are very lightweight. We love a special drink like sparkling juice to share on these special days.

Pouring drink using Chinet
Chinet products for easier thanksgiving
Simplify dinner

I also really love the Chinet® Cut Crystal® plates and cutlery that do not sacrifice style and quality for convenience. They feel a lot fancier than a traditional product, while still freeing up your time in the kitchen!

Simplify the Meal

I am big on cooking for the Holidays, but this year I am sticking with the essentials. Turkey, a side, a veggie, a dessert and special drink! That is all you need! Creating a menu around a few of your family’s favorite items is all you need to do. 

My family loves turkey, and macaroni and cheese, so those are the most important things to be included this year. So, I would pick one of two items that you really love to spend more time cooking, and make the rest super easy like pull-apart cookies!

Thanksgiving dinner

Simplify Decor

I love to make my home feel festive and fun for the holidays, and even though I still plan on doing that I will be simplifying that as well this year! 

For Thanksgiving, I will still have a nice centerpiece, and for Christmas I will still put up a tree and decorate the mantel. 

However, I will not be spending hours getting everything together as I have in past years. 

I really think that with so much going on around us, it is great to lean into family, quality time and making memories together this year without spending lots of time on the prep or cleanup! 

I hope you will choose to do the same! 

Happy Holidays!

Looking for delicious recipes, check out my Famous Mac and Cheese!

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