These are my meal plans from last week.  This week we are on vacation so, I will not be posting meals for another week or so.  Hopefully, if you’re not sure what to make for dinner these will give you some ideas.  Again, I will write some tips on making these dishes but, feel free to ask for recipes in the comments if you feel lost in any of these types of posts.


mac and cheese meal

This is mainly mac & cheese with ham and broccoli. Make macaroni and cheese and cut up ham with broccoli. Cover with additional cheese and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  So yummy and a kid friendly recipe!

*Sharp cheddar is my favorite cheese to use for this recipe.


honey garlic chicken

Honey garlic chicken thighs with carrots & potatoes cooked  in the Crockpot with rice.  This was a simple, and very good recipe.  Top with parsley and you have a crowd-pleaser.


strawberry salad

This was an easy meal as I was trying to use up as much of our fresh produce from the farmers market that I could.  This is a traditional field greens salad with strawberries, turkey, pecans, and carrots.  The dressing I used was a red wine vinaigrette. I also added a lot of shredded cheddar cheese to the kids salads (not pictured).


grilled chicken

green beans

I marinated chicken in a Montreal seasoning you can get from any grocery store but, I buy it in bulk.  It is simply amazing and my go-to for grilling.  Then I sautéed fresh green beans with red pepper and seasoned well.  You can make any side you wish with this (not pictured).


Dinner with friends. So, I didn’t have to cook!

Have a great week friends!


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I am totally craving mac and cheese now! LOL

Ivelisse |


The grilled chicken looks delicious and sounds great! Have fun on vacation!

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