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This school year has been a challenge for most parents. Most of our kids are doing a combination of school at home and in the building or they are at home full-time learning virtually.

Many of us have felt like we were thrown into chaos trying to juggle work, home life, and creating some kind of schooling environment. 

I got off to a rough start, but I’ve figured out a few tips I want to share that I think will really help create an optimal home learning environment.

1.Get a desk and a chair.

Seems simple, but I was mainly trying to use what we had at first or even mainly work at the dining room table, but having an official desk and chair really helps them focus and get into a schooling mentality. They only use this space for school and nothing else so, that there is some kind of separation from home life. 

I work from home, so I put my youngest (who requires the most assistance) next to my desk and it works out great. We can both be productive while I’m still available to help.

2.Manage distractions and background noise.

We found these 3M™ Kids Hearing Protection earmuffs that are actually designed for kids. My kids are doing multiple video classes all day, and it gets noisy. Many times someone needs to study or read in silence, and it’s hard to find the best place to do that. 

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3M headphones
virtual learning with kids
virtual learning at home

These hearing protectors are a great way to create a quiet environment with minimal distractions by helping block out background noise. They are great for shared spaces for sure! 

A great feature is that they are easy to adjust and really comfortable for kids due to the padded ear cushions. The flexible headband offers a secure, but not too tight fit. They come in other colors too, including purple, green and red, so let your kids pick their favorites! The best part is that you can order them on Amazon.com and they ship right to your door.

3.Create some organization. 

It’s super easy and inexpensive to buy a few bins that you can use to organize supplies and create a designated learning area for your kids. Having the items they need easily accessible throughout the day makes a big difference with keeping them focused. This way, they don’t need to run around the house to gather the supplies and risk getting distracted.

I hope these simple tips help you feel a little bit better about the remainder of the school year! They really make a difference! 

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