There are many times I have felt disconnected from my faith. My beliefs really don’t change. At times, I just don’t feel the sense of closeness with God I have experienced during other times of my life.

In the worst of days, I have felt empty, frustrated, or deeply sad. Sometimes, I’ve even felt guilty for feeling this way. I’ve come to realize…despite how I FEEL, the truth is still the TRUTH.

God is real. He loves me. He is present. He hears my prayers. He’s working on my behalf and walking with me each day.

Whether I FEEL it or not.

I just came out of a difficult time, feeling like this. I didn’t understand why or what I was doing wrong.

I later realized it wasn’t something I was technically doing wrong. I just wasn’t aware of the reminders in my life that demonstrated His presence. His presence is what I desperately needed at this time.

During times like this, I believe it is important to not play the “shame” game, feeling ashamed for feeling so disconnected. This feeling of shame does not come from God and I have to fight against it with truth.

I’ve noticed something very important in times like this. When I push deeper into my faith; rather than away from it due to my negative feelings…things begin to change for the better.

I’ve realized emptiness and distance come from not pursing a relationship with Christ. I expect Him to only pursue me. Without doing any of the work on my end; I want all the warm fuzzies, the comfort, and answered prayers in return. I’m living my day without acknowledging Him or finding ways to connect to Him throughout the day.

However, God is so gracious, still answering my prayers despite my efforts and constantly reminding me of his love for me. However, I’ve realized pursuing Him through quiet time, prayer, listening to music about my faith, and reading the Bible more regularly brings the deeper connection I desire.

I encourage you to lean into your relationship with Christ, instead of beating yourself up. You will benefit in these times from investing more time in your relationship with Him everyday.

We have all been there. You are not alone. Just keep pushing through until you come out on the other side! While this walk of faith is not for the faint of heart, it is incredibly rewarding.




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Very enlightening because I’m feeling like this right now!!


Thanks for sharing this. When I go through dry times or down times I find it helpful to remember the highlights – moments when I felt God’s nearness in a powerful way, or sensed His intervention in my life in an undeniable way. Those wonderful moments aren’t the norm, for me, so I try to keep them in mind to carry me through the more mundane, plugging-along times.


Yes! Love that!


Wow! Truer words have never been spoken. I fell into the trap of the “shame game” and it gets you NOWHERE! Thanks for posting this!

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