There are mom’s everywhere who celebrate the last day of school. Everyone seems to be in full countdown mode. I rarely hear anyone share the negative feelings associated with this day.

We have a few days left of school. My boys are 15, 13, and 7. Yes…I’m excited for sunny days, vacations, more time to be with my kids, less carpooling, and all the goodness those summer months bring, but…

I also feel sad about it all.

It feels like my boys are slipping through my fingers every single and day. The last day of school amplifies this even more for me. They’re are a grade older and a year older. Time can feel even shorter when we are all together under one roof…Even though I truly enjoy us all being under one roof.

There is just something so finalizing about finishing a school year that makes my heart want to burst into tears. After a year in a pandemic, (yes I’m grateful they are happy, healthy and that we have made it through all of this without many scars)…I still feel some sadness and that is O.K.

Most of my best memories from childhood were made in the summer. My husband and I have been really intentional to do the same for our kids. Lots of time outside, lots of memorable trips, grilling foods day and night, ice cream all day long, swimming, beach trips, and more family dinners. All of these things are so good for my soul, but can also leave me exhausted.

Another hard part of the last day of school is that there is no more childcare or breaks for this work at home mama. This is something that seems to be glossed over. Many stay at home or work from home moms are able to get breaks from parenting non-stop and can focus a little more on themselves. They can feel more accomplished with the tasks and projects they want to complete without living in “multi-task” mode.

When self- car seems to feel impossible, the school year gives us some pockets of time to rest or focus on our own goals. In the summer, I am usually at the bottom of the priority list and that can be hard.

On this last day of school, I am acknowledging all the good and bad that comes with this day. The sadness in my heart and the joy in my soul. I may hold my kids a little tighter this summer. I will also choose more self-love in the midst of this demanding season. I won’t hold myself to a standard of what I “should do” with my kids each day, but I will give myself grace to do what’s best for us in each day.

I hope you will too!

Your doing a great job!

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Hi Hava:I enjoyed reading your honest feelings about school ending, vacation beginning and your sons’ years going so quickly by. I say you’re doing a good job keeping them happy as well as raising them with good character. I always enjoyed your boys in my class.
God bless you, happy summer!
Fannie Ellenberg from HBIC

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