Thank You Vail Tourism Board for sponsoring our time in Vail.  All opinions are completely my own.

This summer we were able to take our family to visit Vail, Colorado, thanks to the Vail Tourism board. This goes down as one of the best vacations we have ever had. It was insanely beautiful, and there were so many activities for families during the summer. Our boys are 12,10 and 4 and Vail had something that catered to every age range. Even as parents, we felt so pampered being there.

Vail, Colorado

Vail has a very exclusive feel, where everything feels 5 star. The resorts, the food, the transportation, and the activities.

We stayed in a beautiful condo at the Antlers at Vail. It is located at the perfect location so it is easy to access everything.  There are plenty of beautiful trails, and a convenient transportation system that will easily take you where you want to go. Our condo had a full kitchen, plenty of bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms. We had a fireplace in the living room, and in the master bedroom which was perfect for chilly mornings.  However, the absolute best part was the view off of our 2 balconies.

Pennsylvania travel blogger visits Vail, Colorado

It was just breathtaking. We had a perfect view of the gondolas, the mountains, and a beautiful stream. It was so relaxing to wake up to the sounds of water, and nature all around you. There is just something about the open mountain air that is so refreshing. All day, we would keep the windows open, so we could enjoy the beauty of Vail even when we were indoors.

Vail, Colorado

The boys even had some time to enjoy the beautiful pool area at Antlers at Vail. The staff at Antlers were so friendly, and attentive to anything we needed. We were even able to take some complimentary mugs home to remember the trip. We absolutely loved it there, and would stay there any time we visit in the future.

enjoying the pool at antlers at Vail

There are so many activities for families during the summer months in Vail, as well as all year around. No matter your age, you can find multiple activities to take part in.  Everything about this town connects to relaxation and fun, which was perfect for our family vacation. So,I’m sharing the top 5 things to do in Vail, Colorado if you are looking to visit in the summer.

1.  Game Creek Zip Line Tours

My husband and my oldest son are so adventurous, and when they heard that we were going to be visiting Colorado, they were so excited to head out on their one of a kind zip line tours. We all rode to the top of the mountain on the gondola in awe of all of the beautiful sights. We were able to see all of Vail. It is truly just one of the most beautiful towns. This is where they were able to suit up, and prepare for their tour with a small group of companions. They took a 3 hour tour where they were able to ride multiple zip lines through the mountains, and forests experiencing the true beauty of Vail Mountain. It was amazing to watch the videos, and check out their amazing experience. They both said it was one of the top experiences of their lives, and it sure looked like it.

Zip line tours in Vail, Colorado

Zip line tours in Vail, Colorado

They enjoyed racing through the trees, and seeing beautiful mountains from a new perspective. All they could keep saying was “Man, that was awesome!.”   This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for them, that would not be the same in any other location, and I would definitely recommend this to everyone who visits Vail.

2.  Epic Discovery

Epic Discovery was also at the top of the mountain. While they were enjoying the zip lines, I took my two youngest boys to check out all of the festivities with Epic Discovery.  There were so many options for kids of all ages to have a ball, with an amazing backdrop.

We were able to enjoy some of the amazing sights that you can only get at the top.   There were adventure courses for all ages, a mountain roller coaster, tubing hills, a rock wall, a bungee trampoline and more.

epic discovery in Vail, Colorado

Family activiites for Vail, Colorado

Epic Discovery for Vail, Colorado

They also had an amazing nature center where my middle child wanted to stay for most of the day. He is a serious animal lover, and loved all there was to interact with and learn in this center. There were stuffed animals, and ones on display, books, activities and so much more.

Everyone had a little bit of hesitancy when it came to certain activities, but it was definitely the day of trying new things for our family, and everyone pushed themselves past their comfort zones, and were so happy that they did.

3.  The Food.

I am a major foodie, and Vail is made for anyone who enjoys great quality food. I mean every meal seemed to be the best meal I ever had. The combination of flavors were spectacular. They had some of the best chefs in their restaurants. My family felt the same, and were so excited for every meal to see what we were going to eat. There is so much variety in Vail, and it is all of the highest quality. You can enjoy anything from Mexican to Italian, German, BBQ or American. You will not be disappointed. We enjoyed everything from Lobster Rolls, to Quail, Fresh Trout, and Ramen.

Food of Vail, Colorado

Food of Vail, Colorado

The wine and beer are so refreshing there as well, due to the amazing quality of water that comes straight out of the faucets. I think we all had 10 glasses of water a day, it was some of the freshest water we ever experienced. Let’s just say, our local grocery stores bottled water was a disappointment to come back to.

If you are looking for recommendations of some awesome places to eat….these are the places we dined at: Mountain Standard, Bistro Fourteen (located at the top of the mountain), Fall Line Kitchen & Cocktails, and Tavern on the Square.

4.  Hiking with Llamas.

Paragon Guides was amazing for hikes, add some llamas, and you have yourself one unforgettable experience. We had the best tour guide who took us out to a beautiful location just a short drive away from our resort. He picked us up with the llamas, and immediately my kids were on cloud 9. The llamas were trained which made it a lot more enjoyable.

Pennslyvania tracel blogger shares fun in Vail, Colorado

Pennslyvania blogger travels to Vail, Colorado

I was a little hesitant about this experience, but it was truly our favorite part of the entire trip. My children took turns leading the llamas through the trails as we hiked up and through the mountains, by beautiful streams, and just enjoyed everything Colorado has to offer. I think by the end of our tour, we all felt a special bond with those animals…something I never thought I would say.

Pennslyvania travel blogger shares fun in Vail, Colorado

The llamas carried our bags, and lunches so we were free to enjoy the hike. We were able to stop at a beautiful field on our way back down, and enjoy a beautiful lunch our guide had packed us of fresh meats, cheeses, crackers, spreads, fruits, and veggies. It was delicious, and a great way to end the hike. We all had such a great time, and would love to do it again.

My oldest son wasn’t as excited about the experience, and when we left he said “I never knew I liked llamas so much until today.” Let’s just say they won us all over for sure.

Llama hike in Vail, Colorado

5.  Exploring the Village.

One of the greatest perks of Vail, Colorado is that you can access almost everything through bus stops so you don’t need to have a car. They have a flawless “in-town” bus system that transports you all over through continuous stops. Vail Village and Lionshead were the two main areas we ventured out in, and when I tell you they looked like a postcard… I mean it. It was literally the cutest towns I have ever laid my eyes on. It very much has a “Swiss Alps” feel, and my kids loved it.

What to do in Vail, Colorado

Pennsylvania motherhood and travel blogger shares things to do in Vail, Colorado

Pennsylvania motherhood and travel blogger shares the Top 5 Things To Do in Vail, Colorado in the Summer months. Check out the adventures of their family.

There are plenty of places to shop, dine and explore. If luxury shopping is your thing, you definitely have plenty of options as well. In the evenings, we headed over to this fun area in Vail Village located in the middle of the shops that had an area for kids to play various games on the lawn. It was a nice time for my husband and I to relax, while the kids  made friends, played games, and enjoyed the mountain air.

Every time we walked through the villages, I was snapping pictures non-stop. Everything there is incredibly photographic, and made the best memories. We will never forget this trip, and would love to visit again. It was truly a unforgettable experience.

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I have only visited Vail in the winter. Looks like I need to visit during the gorgeous summer, too!


Hope you can!


Oh my gosh my best friend is leaving for Vail in 2 days and I can hardly wait to tell her about your post. She has been looking for things to do with her kids. Thanks for the great ideas!


It is an amazing place to visit!


What a great family adventure! From the scenery to the llamas it looks amazing. The hiking with llamas sounds like a lot of fun.


It truly was a dream trip!


So beautiful there! Love the zip line and hiking with the llamas, my boys would love those activities!


Yes, we are great!

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