2022 has been super challenging for me and in many ways it has been the year that has pushed me to grow like never before in my life.

So many things I held as truth for most of my life, I realized were not. The lessons and beliefs I have had, have completely changed in many ways and in that I have found freedom in being fully authentic like never before.

The life- changing lessons I have learned in 2022, have been ones that will carry me through my whole life and even though some have been hard and challenging. They have been incredibly eye-opening. I have spent so many nights crying and feeling hopeless while other nights empowered and on cloud 9. This year has changed how I see people, my life, my career, my faith, my friendships, and how I parent.

I hope these lessons will encourage you as well as you start a new year.

Here are 30 life- changing lessons I have learned in 2022:

  1. Hard times show you the true character of your friendships.
  2. People love you as long as you do things for them; but when hardships come most people will make judgements instead of have real conversations with you because you no longer benefit them.
  3. People-pleasing only leaves you empty and them full. All the sacrifices you make for people, will only matter to a select few.
  4. There are a lot of rules & regulations I thought were connected to my faith over a true relationship. God wants my heart not a checklist.
  5. Perfectionism is a lost cause and embracing my imperfections and authentic self is the best way to live.
  6. Learning & knowing my boundaries is a powerful way to live and if others find those offensive that is not my responsibility.
  7. Money is a tool and when you give it away, it comes back to you in more ways. Holding too tight brings stress & sadness.
  8. Being alone is a superpower. Having space and time alone without music, TV and in my own thoughts is where real growth happens.
  9. Learning to love yourself without the affirmation of people is where peace and acceptance is found.
  10. Kids want to relate to you, not get a speech of what they should do. Share your imperfect experiences. It creates trust and helps them continue to open up to you.
  11. Words of affirmation towards yourself are more powerful than anything someone else can say to you.
  12. When people leave your life, many times it’s a blessing in disguise.
  13. Treat people with kindness and respect no matter how they treat you. There is a line between this and people-pleasing. Staying kind and respectful vs expending extra energy to make someone else happy is not the same thing.
  14. Life is super short. Living it in truth is better than a lie no matter how much you want that lie to be true.
  15. Exercise has incredible power to bring you out of a funk and benefit your mental health.
  16. The most judgmental people, tend to be the most insecure.
  17. Prayer can change anything.
  18. Miracles still happen.
  19. I don’t want this one life to only look like “sacrifice.” There is a balance I can strive for that also includes showing up for myself as well.
  20. Everyone has trauma, what they do with that trauma is the game changer. Trauma cannot be an excuse for bad behavior continuously happening.
  21. Most people ignore & are passive in their own lives/relationships and love to hear others problems to help them feel better about their own.
  22. “No” is a complete sentence.
  23. There is joy in every single day, no matter how hard life seems. It helps to focus on the good.
  24. Therapy is not just for going through problems. It releases the hold trauma has on you, teaches you new habits & gives you new insights to live a life rooted in peace and freedom.
  25. Having a change of heart about someone or something can be an act of courage.
  26. The quicker you get to the point in a converstion with kids, the better they will gain understanding over the point you’re trying to make.
  27. Taking a day at a time is the best way to live intentionally.
  28. Change isn’t a bad thing even if scary at times.
  29. Mental health effects your physical health so self-care for your mind is just as important as your body.
  30. Finding your identity outside of people and titles can be one of the most empowering things you can do. This is where real confidence and peace lie.

I would love for you to share what some of the lessons you’ve learned this year are or come chat with me on IG about them @jehava_brown

Have the Best New Years!!

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