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It’s October and even though the temp’s still feel more like summer here in PA, I am in full Fall mood and I am sharing with you some things I am loving this month.

1.  Starting to work out again.

Yep, I fell off the bandwagon. Story of my life. LOL! but I am starting to be more consistent and it feels great! I always feel like I don’t have enough energy to be do a major workout with all the other hats I wear, but giving myself that 30 minute boost actually helps me feel better in every way throughout the day.


2.  Better lunches.

I am the worst at lunch time and now I am starting to eat better and give myself more of a meal than random snacks.  I truly love Tai Pei single serve line of Asian food, made with real, quality ingredients.  They are easy to make when I am in a rush, which is every day.  All I do is pop them in the microwave and I can have a delicious meal.

tai pei easy lunch

These are great for the mom who is sick of eating her toddlers lunch or the same old sandwich every day.  Yes, this is me.  Also, most of us don’t have time to cook an entire meal in the middle of the day so this is a great way for busy mom’s to still get a great quality meal.  I eat these more for a quick and filing lunch, but would love them for dinner too just to switch it from the same normal routine, and everyone could choose a different great option. The new packaging also makes Tai Pei quick and simple to prepare, and all we need is a microwave.

Every time I try another entree, that becomes my favorite.  Right now, I am loving the Chicken Fried Rice.  It tastes so fresh and has a great quality taste.

easy lunches

They have exceptional flavor in each dish and a range of tasty entrées.  The best part is that all entrees are made with real, pure ingredients, and no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Tai Pei entrees offer a wide range of choices each made with flavor-infused frozen fried rice.  You can use the store locator to find where Tai Pei single serve is available near you (in the frozen food section).  I easily spotted it at my local grocery store.


Also, right now you can win a $100 Walmart gift card from October 26th – November 15th, 2017.

I-C will randomly select 10 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes.

Tai Pei Sweepstakes

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3.  Big Blankets.

Yep it’s hot here still during the day, but it is so cold at night.  I am loving wrapping up in my blankets rather than running the fan and sleeping in a tank top.  It’s so warm and cuddly and I love it.  Also, my favorite is any kind of fleece blanket!!

4.  Joggers.

I think I have a jogger problem.  I love them because they are ridiculously comfortable, but still fall in the stylish category.  Sweat pant joggers are my weakness and pretty much anything else that I can feel like I’m in my pajamas, but still look cute.

5.  Pumpkin and Apple everything.

Every drink.  Every dessert.  This is my happy place.  The endless options. Something about it makes me so happy.  This is how I am treating myself lately, and I’m proud of it.


So, what are some things you’ve been loving this month?! Share them in the comments. Happy Fall Ya’ll!



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Love all these! Those dinners are really yummy!! What are your favorite joggers? I need to add some into my closet!


I am loving some I just got from H & M and they are super cheap!


I need to check them out! You can also get a 15% off coupon from them if you take old clothes to be recycled!


Pumpkin and apple everything is totally me right now too! Gotta love fall!

xo Olivia |




These are such great things- I’m all about the big blankets and joggers. Now that the weather is getting cooler my body craves coziness!!

Love it!
xoxo Paige


YES! My favorite things!


I ove big blankets and apple and pumpking everything too! The Tei Pei looks yummy, we will have to try it out at our house!


It sounds like you and I are on the same path! Exercising more and eating better lunches makes such a difference in my overall demeanor!


Need to get back on the workout train here too! And need to try those meals- yum!


Totally with you on the pumpkin and apple anything, and the big blankets! Also, those lunches look good, I need to look for those!


YES! Great food is connected to Fall for me !


Oh gosh, I am also the worst at lunching… I always end up going for easy, quick and that’s never good! Those Tei Pei dishes look like the exact thing I need to help my lunching problem out!


YES! They are really good!


I need to try that as an option for my lunches. Sounds tasty and EASY! lol And yes, to joggers…I lived in mine for the past week. So comfy! Thanks for sharing. xo


YES! I love it for lunch!


I am a joggers fanatic too lately, and for sure blankets for fall season are my favourite thing xo


I have been getting back into an exercise routine and it has made such a difference. Once I start the habit it is a lot easier. Now I need to start eating better!! I love these lunch ideas, that is my biggest struggle!


I’m with ya girl!

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