Hi guys! Last week was a little bit hectic as we had vacation bible school going on at our church so that meant early or super late dinners.  Also, my oldest son turned 11! So, we celebrated over the weekend and during the week.  However, I still cooked most of the week.  I am trying to remember to take pictures of my meals rather than just dig in because, I’m so hungry! LOL. I hope these meals help give you some ideas of meals for your family and helps make your meal planning a little easier!


Crockpot Coconut Chicken

crockpot coconut chicken

This is so easy.  You mix a can of coconut milk, brown sugar, ground cloves, some garlic and soy sauce in a crockpot and leave it.  Make some rice and top with shredded coconut & cilantro and you have an amazing meal.  If you want the exact recipe feel free to comment but, it’s hard to go wrong.

*Served with a side salad (not pictured)



This was my son’s birthday so we met daddy for a late lunch at Red Robin and ate some leftovers before heading to VBS! Night off for this mama!



Strawberry bacon salad

bacon strawberry salad

I love the summer for all of the fresh produce we can get at our local farmers market so, we put them to good use this night! I try to do a fun salad as an entrée in the summer once a week, to make sure the produce doesn’t go to waste.  This salad includes: green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries, bacon, and candied pecans topped with a red wine vinaigrette dressing.  So yummy and healthy (well except the bacon lol).

*served with biscuits (not pictured)



Italian Sausage & Potatoes

sausage and potatoes

This week Italian sausage was on sale,  so I cut that up, with some red potatoes, onions and peppers and seasoned it well.  The main seasoning I use are Italian, some chicken stock, garlic salt, garlic powder, and pepper.  Top with parsley. Delicious!



Fried Chicken (my healthier version)

healthy fried chicken

For a healthier version, I use boneless, skin-less chicken breast that I cut up and mainly cook the same way I normally fry chicken.  It’s still crispy and juicy on the inside.  I will share the recipe in the future but, the main seasonings that I find make or break fried chicken are: season salt and garlic powder!

*I served this meal with mashed potatoes & green beans (not pictured)



We met up with some friends and had a big cookout together!



Leftovers from the cookout the day before…I made some frozen veggies to go with the sausages and potato salad we had left!


I cook at least 5 days a week so, I try to take off the weekend if possible so this week worked out better than usual! If you are looking for more ideas for meal planning, check out another post here.

Happy planning! xoxo

Meal plans

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Delicious! Thanks for sharing!


I’m glad you liked it!


I need to be better about sticking the the meal plans I come up with! It certainly makes life a heck of a lot easier during those super busy weeks! Thanks for some super ideas.


Aww great! I hope my blog can help you now and in the future with that!


Those look really good. I would like to try the strawberry bacon salad. My wife cooks during the week. We eat out on the weekends.


That’s fantastic! We do that too! It’s super simple to make as well.


Love the blog! and the meals look really good. I am trying to do more home cooking and I will take some ideas from you!


Thanks so much! I am so not a professional photographer so I’m glad!LOL


Love it!!




All of these meals look so delicious. I need to get better about meal planning over the weekend!


Thanks! Yes, feel free to use my site as a resource!


These look amazing! Thank you for sharing. I really need to get better about meal planning.


No problem! I hope to give you some inspiration!

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