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Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is such an amazing organization.  It has been a joy to learn more about such a great cause.  This company aims to end domestic and financial abuse through financial empowerment.  This is so beneficial and helpful to women all over the country.

This cause is so close to my heart because I have had close friends that have experienced domestic and financial abuse.  Financial abuse happens in 99% of domestic abuse cases and is the number one reason women do not leave or return to a toxic relationship.

In adulthood, I have experienced a few girlfriends that wanted and needed to leave bad relationships.  However, they continued to stay despite the abuse because, they had nothing financially and couldn’t fathom how they would do it all on their own.

I’ve noticed that financial abuse starts very gradually in most relationships; everything is put into their husband’s name so that there is no building of credit or wealth for the woman.  In my friends’ cases, I noticed that there was very little knowledge on her husband’s income, how much money they had in savings or even knew how to pay their bills.

At first, I think women in these situations see it as a blessing to not have to worry about the finances but then as the relationship progresses, they find themselves stranded and completely dependent on their spouse.

My friend ended up with no credit, no bills in her name and very little financial knowledge.  She only had the money that he gave her weekly.

This provides a dependency that creates fear for stepping out on your own.  It was better to stay through the bad and the ugly than the fear of not knowing how to work it out on her own. The relationship gave him all the power and she was left with none of it.

Even without abuse, I have seen so many women stay in bad relationships because, they simply know nothing about their finances and are scared to start fresh on their own.  I love that Allstate Foundation Purple Purse provides resources and help for women to take charge of their lives and step out on their own.

I want to spread the word about such an amazing foundation that empowers women to live a better and  fuller life.  They help them realize that they have options and have the power to start a new life.

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse drives fundraising for local, state and national nonprofits that provide crucial financial empowerment tools and resources to survivors of financial abuse.

Watch the video below to learn more:

You can support these efforts by visiting their website here  and donating today !

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Such a great organization!!


It really is!


I have lived with this and even did a blog post on it. It is not something a lot of people think about, but it can really bad scares.


This is such an awesome cause!! I have also seen so many women stay in bad relationships because they don’t know how they will survive on their own. Knowledge is definitely power!


This is such an important topic that doesn’t get discussed openly enough. Thank you so much for sharing.


It’s so scary that this happens to so many women! 🙁


Good info here…..I normally don’t comment on paid blog entries like this but this is important. I know a lot of couples who are in this boat,either through broken trust or straight up theft or fraud.


I am so happy to live in Canada where we have strict laws for financial and insurance institutions. The people of America need to call for a change in the law, instead of moaning about it to the wrong people. After so many people have lost everything you would think someone would see this.

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