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It’s that time ya’ll!! 

My kids are circling all the ads that come into our house, and making lists of their top picks for the holidays. Even though my boys are all different ages, they like a lot of the same things so many times they will all play with each gift. 

I love shopping at Walmart as they always have a large variety of toys for kids of every age range, and I can always find it for a good price. 

They constantly have sales this time of year on some of the top brands out there, so make sure you keep checking out their websites. 

Here are a few of the best new toys I’ve found for my boys for the upcoming season that I think you will love as well. 

My boys love things they can spend time putting together for hours, and honestly so do I. It keeps them busy while using their brains in creative ways. 

Lego has so many great sets from the youngest to the oldest available at Walmart. They also love Star Wars so combining these in a gift is a no brainer!

Legos at Walmart

My youngest loves the Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars Tank because it is challenging for him and great for his age. Also, it’s a price that all parents can get behind! 

My older boys have loved Lego sets since they were young, so over the years it’s been fun to add to their collections. Walmart has some pretty amazing sets with 1000+ pieces that they love! 

Great Toy ideas at Walmart
Toys for boys at Walmart

The Star Wars Tantive IV and the Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, made my mouth drop when I saw them all put together. They spent hours on these, and felt so accomplished and also grabbed some new pieces to add to their collection. 

Walmart also has other great, affordable items for kids. We love a good Nerf Gun set. There is a new Nerf Elite RD-15 that I’m sure will be used all over my home on Christmas morning. 

Also, items like the Electric Shock Race Car Track Set that comes with controllers and cars, is a win in my home. My family loves cars. A new race track tends to keep everyone occupied for a while.

Toys for little kids at Walmart

If you are a boy mom, you have already heard about Beyblades! My kids battle for hours on end, and we have a pretty nice collection. Walmart has some great options that they have heard of but couldn’t locate so, they were super excited to find them here. Their premium collection includes the best 4 beyblades we now own.

Beyblades at Walmart

I hope this post helps you shop for some of the best new toys for boys that Walmart offers this year. No matter what your budget is, I’m sure you will find something you love there!

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