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The seasons have changed to Fall and as much as I love this season, it looks so much different this year for our family. Two of my kids are home and learning virtually throughout the week, while another one of my children is going a few days to the building and is home the rest of the week. 

To say that it’s been challenging running a business, and managing their schooling schedules would be an understatement. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten a routine down that has helped things run a bit smoother overall. I hope sharing this will help you guys as well find a way to thrive in the midst of the chaos that is life for most of us. 

Before sharing my routine, I want to share with you some products that have really helped me simplify my day and have helped make things easier altogether on a day to day basis. 

We have been fans of Chinet products for years. They make life so much easier, allow for us to spend less time in the kitchen cleaning up, and let me take my favorite drinks with me all day long. Did someone say coffee?! 

They offer lots of great products like their Chinet® Classic White™ lunch plates that are great for any meal.

My favorite product would definitely have to be the Chinet® Comfort Cup® insulated hot cups for taking my coffee and other warm drinks along with me throughout the day, especially as we are starting to hit cooler temperatures. The fact that they come in super cute designs is just an added plus!

Chinet fall routine

So, here is a sneak peak into my Fall routine:

6:30am – Wake up / Make coffee and start working on my laptop

Fall Routine

7:00am – Get everyone breakfast & ready for the school day. Everyone gets dressed whether staying home or going into the building

8:00am – The boys log into their Zoom calls and I connect with my assistant on what needs to be done that day. I take breaks to help the kids with school and go back and forth with working and schooling

Blogger routine

12:00pm – Lunch break! My older 2 boys make their lunches and I help my youngest or we pack his the night before to make the time more productive for me.

Fall routine with my boys
Chinet plates

12:30pm – Take a quick walk around the neighborhood with the new puppy

1:00pm – Back to my work and schooling split 

Fall routine

3:00pm – School is done! Everyone goes outside to play and sometimes we do some TV time; I start cleaning up and doing a few chores

5:00pm – Prep dinner and start cooking for the night. Using quality paper products has made dinner so much less stressful during this time at home because we are cooking more than ever

6:00pm – Family time, devotions, relax together

8:00pm – Everyone heads to bed. The older boys can read in their rooms and my hubby and I relax. I finish any work that needs completed or prepped for the next day 

10:00pm – I’m in bed, if not earlier haha!!

So, this is how most of my days look! 

It is busy, but having some order is so helpful for me. With juggling multiple hats, it’s been so nice to have products like those that the Chinet brand provides that simplify my day and just make it easier all around! Make sure you check them out at! 

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