As a mom of three boys, nothing’s more important than their health. I am very excited to partner with Think About Your Eyes to encourage you to take your children to get their eyes checked this summer. Their eye health is truly vital to their overall development. We’re responsible for making sure their eyes stay healthy and a great way to do that is simply visiting a local eye doctor.

Summer is such a great time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam!! We all have busy schedules so summer can be more flexible when scheduling appointments for children. This is an awesome way to ensure they get a great start to the next school year.

I have also made my children aware that vision is a gift and a blessing that some people unfortunately just don’t have. I remind them, regularly… we need to take care of their eyes by visiting the doctor. We take care of our teeth and other parts of our bodies in the same way.

Kids Eyes

My children love being outside, and love all nature has to offer. When we have times of naming our blessings, they almost always mention their eyesight, sharing gratitude for seeing birds, trees, flowers, and enjoying a nice day.

I have to admit, I am right there with them. I want to do everything I can to take care of the beautiful eyes, each one of them has been given.

kids eyes kids eyes

kids eyes

Kids Eyes

My kids have met many other individuals who have either lost their sight or it has worsened over the years.  Even their own grandpa, in older age, has lost some of his vision.  It is great to remind our children…we have to take care of our eyes. It starts when we are young, if we want them to work well as we become older.

Our kids have had vision screenings in school, but did you know that school screenings can miss up to 75% of vision problems?

I’ll admit… I didn’t realize my youngest should already be seeing an eye doctor.  By the age of 6, children should have had 3 eye appointments. Many learning disabilities stem from issues that can be corrected from visiting an eye doctor. This is a risk I am not willing to take for my children. This summer, we are scheduling a comprehensive eye exam.

You can simply visit to find a doctor in your area. The site even offers reviews for various doctors!

Please make your family’s eye sight a priority this summer and get their eyes checked. This will give them a great start to another school year for them to perform the best they possibly can.



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