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My oldest son is in middle school, and adjusting to the changes of my first baby growing older has been a little hard on this mama’s heart. My husband and I feel it is so important to teach him as many life lessons as possible in the short time we have left with him under our roof,  that will help him live a successful, and happy life.

One of the most important things to teach middle school boys is about taking care of their bodies and personal hygiene. Sometimes this is not at the forefront of their minds, and this is a great age to start integrating these lessons, while giving them an extra boost of confidence.

This summer, my boys are busy with basketball and church camps. They will be very active every day, and I believe that is a really good thing for them. With that, comes a great opportunity to teach them about keeping their bodies clean, and Axe products makes that even easier.  Rather than having a series of awkward conversations, it’s worked well for us to just introduce some fun and awesome smelling products that Axe offers to start using daily.

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He loved getting his own products, made just for him.  He loves how they smell.  I can tell he is more confident while going through these hot and active summer months knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about personal hygiene.

great products for middle school boys



middle school son lessons Axe offers a variety of products: AXE Gold Antiperspirant, AXE Gold Body Spray, AXE Gold Wash & Style Shampoo, and the AXE Gold Body Wash.  He is really loving the antiperspirant, and the body wash.

This is a time of experiencing a lot of changes, and taking on more responsibility, and this is such an empowering way to do so.  I have learned to be patient with reminders until it becomes a habit. I really think this is the greatest lesson you can teach your middle school boy, and Axe makes it a little more fun.


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I don’t have any kids but I suppose that would be a good thing to teach for sure 😀



I only have daughters, but having the deodorant conversation was definitely necessary with my girls too!


it’s like you wrote this just for me! my son is also in middle school and the other day he literally smelled like onions! I’m definitely going to get these for him today!


lol that makes me so happy! I’m glad your enjoying it!


Axe is a life saver for teens and pre-teens!! Seriously works like magic


I love this! I have 3 that will be in middle school in no time!

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