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A few weeks ago, all of my boys received Garmin vivofit Jr. 2 fitness trackers. This may be the coolest gift they have ever opened, and there was so much excitement all around. My 4 year old was just as ecstatic as my 13 year old. Garmin offers variety for your son or daughter to choose styles fitting their personality and interests. My boys are a bit obsessed with Spiderman. With the newest movie; SpiderVerse coming soon, they are extra hype. I am excited as they are to see this movie on December 14th, 2018.

The vivofit Jr. 2 has some really amazing features parents will love as much as children. I was pretty impressed by the features in these little devices to encourage better health and fitness.

Garmin vivofit with Marvel

Parenting Blogger shares gift ideas, and why the Garmin vivofit Jr. 2 will make you just as happy as your kids. Check out all the features inside.

No charging.

I do not need to charge these watches at all. They have a year battery life and my boys can wear them day and night. Since I gave them the vivofit Jr. 2, they haven’t taken them off at all.

Fitness Tracker w/ Rewards.

My boys can be a little competitive, constantly comparing each others steps, and the number of active minutes they get every day. The vivofit Jr. 2 is simple and easy to use. Every day they are challenged to have 60 minutes of active time. What really motivates them is the fact that the watch assigns goals and rewards for meeting those goals. They can unlock games and icons featuring SpiderMan, in a continuous fight against evil. The more goals they reach, the more of the story they get to uncover.

Garmin vivofit

Garmin vivofit

Garmin vivofit

Encourages Chores.

This is my favorite part. There is a parent controlled app where I can access chore management and rewards for each child.  I can easily set up each fitness tracker on my phone, and monitor their stats. I can assign each child chores for the day, and their bands will remind them what they need to do. They can earn rewards as they complete tasks so it’s extra fun. This has been a win/win for all of of us. I love that it encourages them to help out more.

Garmin vivofit

Sleep monitor.

This is also helpful to me, and exciting for them. More competition, my boys love comparing how many hours they slept the night before. I can easily view the amount of sleep each child is getting on my phone. This helps me make adjustments to help them start each day on the best foot possible.

Stylish & Water proof

Yep, your kids don’t even have to take it off for bath-time, swimming, or washing dishes. These watches are super stylish, and simply designed. They match any outfit or style.

Garmin vivofit  with kids

This has been the perfect gift for all of them. It challenges them to be active, care about their health, and be more responsible, while having fun. It’s definitely a win-win for our family.

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that’s such an awesome watch!! Great post


That’s great! Never knew they had a kid version!


Yes, they are pretty amazing


I saw the girl version of these at Costco a few days back!! If I had kids these would be under the tree for sure!


Now, this looks like an awesome Christmas gift!!!!


Yes, so nice!

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