5 Tips For Taking Great Family Photos

We just took our family photos for the year, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The last few years, they have come out great, and there are some tips I want to share that I believe made an impact on that.

1. Coordinate without Matching.

I always like to pick two bolder colors to showcase in our outfit choices. This year was green, and mustard. Then I pick a base color like tan, white, black, or blue. We all wear simple bottoms, usually blue jeans.

I do not want every shade to be exactly the same, as the different shades look better together, as long as they are in the same “family.” I tend to limit too many accessories, and keep it pretty simple so that isn’t a distraction in the photo. Having too many various prints won’t photograph as well together. It’s fine to showcase one or two people with print, plaid or stripes but,  I would keep the rest of the family in solid colors.

Family Photos

Family Pictrues

Family Photos


2. Ask Your Photographer for Natural Shots.

As a blogger, I love natural shots just as much as I love a posed shot. I always ask our photographer for some natural shots as we are getting our poses together, or just talking and interacting as a family. I tickle the kids, or my husband tells us jokes. This gets everyone smiling, and some great authentic photos that really showcases the love between all of us.

Family Photos

Family Photos

Family Photos

3. Come with Poses in mind.

Your photographer might have great ideas for different shots, but it’s best to come prepared either way. Pinterest is a great source for looking up different photo ideas that re unique. There were a few poses I found, that I was so excited to replicate this year for my husband and I, as well as our family.

Family Photos

Family Photos

Family Photos

4. Make sure everyone is rested, and full.

The worst thing you can do is photograph a hungry or tired kid. You want them to be in the best possible mood so, schedule the shoot after a meal time.

We had lunch before we got dressed for this shoot, so it worked out perfectly.

5. Bring an Emergency Smile.

Yep, pack all the bribery for your kids. Bring a small unopened toy that they will get at the end of the shoot or bring a favorite snack or candy bar along. This does wonders alone. I shamelessly brought a bag of skittles to this shoot, and it worked out very nicely. Look at those smiles!

Family Photos


*For more tips on parenting, check out: “Parenting Q&A


Tips for taking great family photos




What do you think?

November 12, 2018

Thanks for the tips, I will try them out for our winter and spring pictures. Your photo shoot came together so nicely

November 12, 2018

Wow great tips. I am looking to get family photos done and the idea usually brings a bit anxiety lol. I never really knew what to do for clothing and thought “this will turn out expensive.” Now i have a better idea of what to do. Thanks girl!

November 13, 2018

Thanks! So glad they are helpful!

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