Fruity Smoothie

This is an easy and delicious fruit smoothie that will give your body all the vitamins it needs to feel energized and refreshed.

5 ways to build a BETTER friendship with your husband

I talk to so many women that want their marriages to get better and are just in a season of struggling to love, or even like their spouse.  Whenever I fall into the same “space” I realize that it is usually our friendship that is lacking.  That is truly the basis for everything because, the … Continue Reading

Conversation starters for “Date Night”

When I am at restaurants with my hubby, I look around and am always amazed that the majority of couples look like they are sitting silently and eating with very little conversation. I think that with the craziness of life sometimes our marriages need a little bit of “help” with staying connected and having conversations … Continue Reading

How I’m letting go of perfection

I just had a birthday last week and there is one new resolution I made for myself and that is to let go of perfection.  I’ve gotten so fed up with myself and, how I’ve been living to be a “perfect” wife, a “perfect” mom, and  a “perfect” friend.  Every day I fail at being … Continue Reading

5 ways you can be a BETTER friend today!

Friendship is one of those amazing gifts God has given us here on earth.  He talks about it constantly in His word and, how important it is to Him.  Yet, we can be selfish people who tend to think of ourselves before others(some more than others LOL) so, it takes effort and time to really … Continue Reading

The Bravery of Truth Telling in Friendship

  I fully believe that friendship is one the greatest gifts God has blessed us with here on earth! So many of us keep people at arm’s length due to fear.  Fear of being hurt, fear of being judged, or that someone won’t like the “Real” us.  The truth is that everyone is looking for … Continue Reading