Goal setting is so important to my husband and I.  We do it in every area of our lives: spiritual, physical, work, family, and church.  It keeps us focused, productive and moving forward.  At the start of every school year our kids are usually required to set goals at school as well, but we like to have them as home too.

So, today I am sharing one of our goals to help you get to know our family a little better and hopefully encourage you to set some goals with your kids as well.

One of my own goals during the school year is to really get into a set schedule with blogging.  As everyone will start to have more set schedules, my goal is to be more productive than ever.  I have weekly and monthly goals, but I’m excited to be able to grow my business as I have more time that I can focus on those things.

Our youngest is 3 so, we are making his goals. Haha. This year is a big year for him as he is so excited to go to preschool and can’t stop talking about it.  He finally can go to school just like his brothers.  He has no concept of what school is, but is ready to jump in.


gymboreeHe has a new backpack, some new clothes and is ready to meet some new friends.  He truly seems a little more confident even when wearing his new clothes from Gymobree.

I love their layering looks and how super stylish they are.  So, this year he is going 2 days a week for a few hours.  Nothing big for me, but a big deal for him and I am excited.

Our middle child is heading to 4th grade this year.  He has the most caring, bubbly personality ever and this year one of his goals is to memorize the scientific names of most of the animals in his animal enclylopedia.  He loves animals.


Stocking up on some great looks at Gymobree are giving him the extra confidence he needs to jump into this year, embracing who he is and all he brings to the table.

I love Gymboree’s looks for boys and all of the layering options.  These looks were my favorite because, they incorporated a casual look with a preppy look.  They could be worn the complete opposite way and still look amazing.  I seriously think I melted when I took pictures of these two in their new styles.




My oldest is headed to 7th grade and yes, I am tearing up when I write that!! Why does time go this fast?!

He is a really good student and gets great grades so, one of his goals this year is to tryout for the basketball team.  He has been practicing a lot this summer with his dad and hopes to really get into the sport this year.

Finally, my husband has many goals as well but, is teaching my older boys piano.  He is AMAZING at the piano and never has time to give lessons, but is able to do this with our kids because it doesn’t have a be a set schedule with them.   The kid’s love this so much and it’s great bonding time for them as well.

Make sure you check out all of the great looks that Gymboree has to to offer for back to school season and I’d love to hear some of the goals your or your families have in the comments below.

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Our goal: to transition well into the new school.. for Naomi (4th grade) it looks like getting to know her teachers & keeping a routine to allow her to be successful.. for Mateo (3rd grade) this means coming out of his shell & making friends… For me? It means resting in God & allowing Him to work on my behalf!


Amen! Really awesome goals!!

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