Struggling with Anxiety? Here are 7 Things that are helping me!

Let’s be honest friends….quarantine hasn’t been easy for anyone. At times, it feels like it’s lasting forever! Being stuck in the house, keeping my kids entertained, dealing with updates on the virus, trying to manage friendships, keeping a healthy marriage, and educating people in my circle about the racism (that has been a normal part … Continue Reading

Spread thin in quarantine? Here are my top 5 Self Care Tips!

Most moms feel the same right about now. We have all been in quarantine for over a month, and we are starting to feel depleted. We are cooking more than ever, cleaning non-stop, home schooling, and parenting 24/7. By the end of each day, the consensus is…we’re exhausted. I lived this way about in quarantine … Continue Reading

The Virus has taught me 5 Powerful Lessons

I think all of us have been affected by the spread of the coronavirus in the last few weeks…Some more than others. Our family has decided to take the advice of those with more knowledge than us on the Coronavirus and such things infectious disease related. So we’re staying in as much as possible. As … Continue Reading

The 3 Most Important Lessons We are Teaching our 3 Black Sons

If I were to say that being a mom of 3 black boys is easy, I would be lying. I don’t see them any different than any other kid. I am also very aware of a challenging reality…there are people in this world that will judge them before ever getting to know them. My three … Continue Reading

5 Tips for Starting Daily Scripture Devotionals

Starting daily scripture devotionals has been life changing for me.  I realize when I am falling off in this area, life is more overwhelming altogether.  I feel like I’m falling apart, and tend to focus on the negative more than the positive. We have a real enemy in this world that comes to kill, steal … Continue Reading

For the Mom Overwhelmed by Fear

Recently, I have felt overwhelmed, and almost drowning from fear. It feels like it’s gotten worse this past year…month by month. It has stolen my joy. This fear has made it hard to focus or even breathe at times. It has felt debilitating. Let me explain the sources of my fear lately. My youngest, who … Continue Reading

4 Ways To Strengthen Your Friendships

 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”-Proverbs 17:17 There are many things I’ve been learning about friendship recently. I’m so grateful for these lessons.  God showed me some things I needed to change, and what I shouldn’t allow in my friendships. Friendship is such a blessing … Continue Reading

The Hardest Day of My Life & The 3 Things I Learned

I think every mother’s greatest fear is losing a child.  There seems to be no greater pain we can experience on this earth than outliving our own children. I had no idea how much I struggled with this fear until this past weekend. I experienced the hardest day I have had this far in my … Continue Reading

17 Bible Verses that Will Remind You of Your Identity in Christ

We all have times in life when we feel lost or down about ourselves. Sometimes negative voices in the world seem to speak louder than the voice of God.  I constantly need reminded of who Christ says I am and my identity in Him.  Here are 17 of my favorite bible verses that will remind … Continue Reading

4 Ways “A Wrinkle In Time” encouraged me in my Faith

I just saw Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” with my family, and we really enjoyed the movie.  I couldn’t help but connect the many encouraging messages sprinkled throughout the movie to my faith in God.  Although the movie isn’t a faith-based movie, I knew once I watched it that I wanted to share some of … Continue Reading