I just saw Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” with my family, and we really enjoyed the movie.  I couldn’t help but connect the many encouraging messages sprinkled throughout the movie to my faith in God.  Although the movie isn’t a faith-based movie, I knew once I watched it that I wanted to share some of the beautiful messages you can expect when watching this movie. Here are the top 4 that really stuck-out to me:

Wrinkle In Time

1.  How beautifully perfect God has made each of us.

There is a consistent emphasis throughout the movie on loving yourself…the way you are.  There were some really powerful comments and dialogue reminding viewers of how unique and special each one us are.  At one point, Mrs. Which reminds us to think about all of the specific events that have happened in the world for us to be on this earth at this time.  It was an important reminder of the power and purpose of our lives.

I was also constantly reminded to love the parts of me I may think are horrible or want to change.  The hero Meg was reminded to embrace her faults and the power in doing this.  We all have faults, but God has done such an amazing job creating each of us. No one is here by accident.

Wrinkle In Time

2.  Darkness comes in various forms, but in the end Light wins .

In the film, there were many examples on how darkness effects our world through jealousy, anger, self doubt, and a variety of other ways.  This reminded me of how the enemy tempts us to live as the worst versions of ourselves through sin.  However, we have to fight daily to choose love, to choose light, and to choose Christ.

There were ways that darkness disguised itself as something really good and beneficial in the movie.  This happens every day for us. There are so many things disguised as good that really lead to sin, and an unfulfilled life.  Many times, saying “No” to things that make us feel good at the moment is the true way to a meaningful life. On the other side, it is more joy than you can ever imagine.  This is true of our obedience to God and the blessings it brings.

3.  Love conquers all.

God’s love for us has conquered all.  In the movie, Meg chose to push to love no matter what the circumstance.  She was treated poorly, and spoken to horribly by her brother. She kept choosing to love.  That love broke the chains of darkness.  This is truly the power we hold as Christians in this world.  We are empowered when we chose to love no matter what comes our way, no matter how people treat us, or what they say to us.  This breaks the chains of darkness Satan tries so hard to create.  Love frees us and others from the results of that darkness.

4.  Faith is the key to the impossible.

The entire movie Meg was learning how to let go and believe.  Situations were painful for her that really didn’t need to be (like tethering) because she was resisting letting go of control.

Wrinkle In Time

Our own minds can sometimes be our biggest enemy. We constantly keep ourselves from letting go and trusting God’s will and way.  This was encouraging for me to remember when I let go and trust God, He has many blessings on the other side.  Faith never brings fear or sadness, but always brings joy and peace.

I was really encouraged by the messages in this movie and how they spoke to me in my walk with Christ.  I was more inspired to be the love and light this world so desperately needs.  Trusting God in all things, and loving how He has uniquely made me are profoundly important.  I know you will enjoy this movie. I hope when you watch it you will think on these lessons.


Comment below if you have seen the movie and share any lessons you walked away with!




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