Most moms feel the same right about now. We have all been in quarantine for over a month, and we are starting to feel depleted.

We are cooking more than ever, cleaning non-stop, home schooling, and parenting 24/7. By the end of each day, the consensus is…we’re exhausted.

I lived this way about in quarantine for the first 3-4 weeks. I knew something had to change. I needed to take time to feed my own body, mind and soul. The hard part is, I wasn’t sure how to do that while all being together…all of the time.

This is why, I started to enforce a few different practices have really helped me out. I’ve shared them with friends and family, and they’re seeing a big improvement in staying in a positive place.

Self Care During Quarantine

1. Getting outside every day.

Vitamin D truly does wonders! Sometimes I walk alone, sometimes with the kids or the family altogether. There is truly a special connection with mental health, self care, and being outdoors.

It changes everything during this time. It helps me feel more productive, active, and seems to change everyone’s mood to be a little more positive.

2. Ask for 1 hour.

This took a while for me, but a few weekends ago I had a conversation with my husband that probably made the biggest difference for me.

I realized, during this time, I really need to get at least 1 hour ALONE, in our bedroom, to watch a show or read a book.

This has been a major way I’ve been taking care of myself. It sounds minimal, but with everyone being together so much, it makes a BIG difference.

I don’t use this time to work or do laundry, I do something for ME and shut the room door.


I emerge with much more energy, grace, and patience to continue to take care of my family.

I don’t do this every day, but I’m pushing myself to do it more often because the impact is BIG.

3. Waking up early.

During this time, I am just waking up naturally earlier for some reason, so waking up even earlier is easier said than done for me. However, waking up just 30 min before everyone else has been really helpful.

I usually spend this time in prayer, doing devotions. It’s been helpful centering my mind on Christ before everything else takes off for that day. This is a time I truly can’t miss, and the peacefulness of the house helps me to wake up happier than normal, for my family.

It’s usually a rougher morning around here if I wake up, and immediately have to start serving and doing tasks for my family. This helps a lot.

4. Exercise or Yoga.

Moving my body intentionally during this time, even for just 20 minutes, has really helped me stay positive. I sometimes do beach body workouts on demand, take a walk alone, or I do a quick practice on my yoga app.

Each one has different benefits for sure. I usually mix it up throughout the week. During this time, there’s been lots of baking going on, and sweet treats available in my home. This has helped me stay healthy and take care of my body.

5. Facetime & call your friends regularly.

I’m talking to my closest friends more now than I ever have before. We are relying on each other for connection outside of our homes. It’s refreshing just to talk honestly about our ups & downs daily.

We’ve laughed, cried, and asked each other for prayer. It is really important to avoid putting your friendships on the back burner during this time. You need that connection more than ever!

I hope these tips help you through this time. You can find joy and gratefulness during quarantine. Most importantly you can take care of yourself as you constantly pour-out to those you love the most.


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