I have officially been blogging for a little over 3 years. Many would say I have had a great amount of success. There also have many who shared helpful tips with me to become a successful blogger, and I want to share with you who are aspiring to do the same. Ok…let’s jump right in!

1. Treat it like a business.

I started this blog with the hope of turning it into a part-time income for my family. Little did I know that after a little over a year, this would turn into a full-time business and exceed a six figure salary.

I knew to start this business, I had to treat it like a business before ever bringing in a dime. For 6 months, I didn’t make a penny blogging, but I worked on my business 4-8 hours a day.

I knew get-rich-quick schemes would not work and honestly…don’t really exist. I also knew I wasn’t popular and famous like a Kim Kardashian. Starting this blog would take a lot of hard work, and dedication to learning and growth.

I knew very little about blogging and social media influencing as a business. Although I was literally starting from the ground up, I had the desire to learn and work as hard as possible to reach my goal. So…I put in the time, and set up a schedule I could stick to every day, starting this blog and my social media channels.

2. Study.

Yes, this job requires lots of studying. Starting and continuing to have success, I have spent tons of time, initially, reading articles on “how to start a blog” and “how to grow my social media channels”. I spent hours studying bloggers I look-up to, and how they connected with their audiences.

I also spent countless hours reading articles on blogger topics such as taking better photos with my phone, editing them, connecting with other bloggers…and the list goes on.

I still spend a significant amount of my time learning. This truly is one of the biggest tips for becoming a successful blogger: Study! Constantly learning and constantly reading will lead to growth.

3. Network.

Yep, that is a thing in our business. Most successful bloggers will attribute their success to other bloggers showing them the ropes. One challenge is issue is most successful bloggers get tired of the typical “can I pick your brain?” e-mail or message. At the same time, most of us welcome questions, especially if you have supported our content in some way. Whether it is through likes and comments, in these situations, most of us will share what we can.

Invest in supporting other bloggers’ businesses you look up to, take initative, and ask some questions. You will watch relationships blossom.

I learned A LOT on being a successful blogger on my own. Also many bloggers have helped my business grow into what is in now. I have learned the importance of embracing ways to form relationships.

4. Use SEO & Pinterest for traffic.

These two things are the key to getting more traffic to your blog. Pinterest is a search engine many people use just like google. Invest your time in researching ways to “kill it” on that platform. It’s not complicated at all!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s important for getting lots of traffic to your blog and having success. There are many articles on this topic to help your posts rank higher when being searched. More eyes will see your topics and that is a great thing.

When people google “Best Apple Pie,” you want yours to be higher than the 500th page. You want your posts to appear on the first 5, if possible. This will make a big difference in your traffic.

5. Add Value.

Some of the BEST advice I ever received in this business was making sure my posts add value to someone’s life. Whether that’s sharing helpful tips, teaching how to do something, or presenting something in your life an audience can possibly relate to.

Running a successful blog business isn’t necessarily the same as writing a diary of your random vents (even though I do have those too). I try to wrap up a blog post with some type of helpful tip or allow people to know they aren’t alone in the emotions they may be experiencing.

Always ask yourself does this post add value before clicking the “publish” icon.

6. Don’t take “No” Personally.

I have seen this as a huge divisor between successful bloggers and those who struggle to see their business hit the goals they set.

Early on, I learned that “No” isn’t personal. I have to easily brush that off, and move on to the next possible collaboration without a second thought.

That 2 letter word can be debilitating to many bloggers. They are terrified of hearing a brand isn’t interested in partnering together, and the blogger won’t even reach out to the brand. Another common response is that bloggers internalize the “No”, taking it as their brand isn’t good enough. When in actuality, it’s just not a good fit at this time. There are many other brands out there that would love to work together.

Being able to pick your head up, and move on is essential to success in this business. You may get 1 “Yes” out of 10 “No’s” but that is ALL you need!

7. Stay Consistent.

I connect with many bloggers that post once a week on their social media channels or blog. Unfortunately, this is not the type of consistency that treats blogging like a business, as mentioned in tip 1.

You should be blogging at least once a week, as a best practice for successful blogging, while posting to social media multiple times per week…Every week.

When you feel discouraged, like no one cares, and your numbers are at an all time low…you stay consistent.

When everyone seems to be doing better than you, getting more jobs than you, and their content seems better…you stay consistent.

You keep pushing, past your feelings or down times. You stay consistent. It pays off, and shows brands that this isn’t a hobby. Instead, it is a full-time job and business you are creating.

Becoming a successful blogger was not easy. It can be done if you put these tips into practice and stay the course. Your hard work does start to pay off. Being willing to put your all into it, makes a really big difference in this business.

If your interested in more blogging tips, check out: “5 Tips for Making a Full-Time Income Blogging.” and “Top 10 Blogging Questions, Answered.”

I do offer 1-on-1 consultations to help bloggers grow their businesses and land jobs. If you are interested, feel free to contact me directly through email: onlygirl4boyzblog@gmail.com

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So much helpful information! I love that you are always so willing to share information. Thank you!


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Thank you so much for this!

I had started a blog a few years ago for fitness accountability but my focus has changed and I am looking to begin as part time income as well.

I will be emailing you!

Thanks again!


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Thank you so much for sharing these amazing tips!!!!! These were simple yet so informative! I am beyond appreciative of the help you’re willing to give upcoming bloggers! I’m so glad to be subscribed to your website! I’m going to send you an email!!! Have an amazing day! Thanks again!


I’m so glad!

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