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It feels like we have been living in quarantine forever! As a mom that is running a business from home and teaching my kids as they learn virtually each day, things have been challenging. I’ve noticed that as the time continues on, my family needs more “fun” moments in our home like never before. 

This isn’t complicated or overwhelming to do, but just takes someone being intentional. Here are 3 simple ways we are making the best of quarantine. 

1.Having a pizza & movie night.

There is something about ordering pizza for the family, that just creates a fun environment. My kids love it! 

Some weeks we do a movie night and take turns picking our favorites. Sometimes we gather around and watch sports together. 

Whatever is your thing, grab some yummy food and drinks and do it together!!

Family night in quarantine

These nights, I am not interested in cleaning up or prep, so we use the Chinet® brand products. Their Chinet® Cut Crystal® line is stunning. We love that they are beautiful, great quality, and make the night run smoother for everyone. 

The Chinet® brand offers products that are convenient without sacrificing style, which is perfect for our family! Make sure you check out the Chinet® Cut Crystal® line and all it has to offer. 

fun game night during quarantine

2.Play games together.

Whether it’s cards, a board game, or even video games. Having a night that we designate for games always ends with lots of laughs and memories. 

Being intentional with planning a game night has made this time in quarantine more fun, and changed our home for the better!

3.Have a day you “let it go.”

As moms, I think it’s hard for us to just let things go, especially during this time (and the holiday season). We don’t have control over much so many of us are cleaning and organizing like crazy. My boys all have daily chores, but I leave a day of the week to let all of it go. To have fun and enjoy life, put the rules to the side and just live in our spaces as free as possible. This releases me and them and just gives us a mentally free day! 

I hope these simple ways that we are making the best of quarantine are helpful for you during this time and bring you some joy!

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