This time of year is not my favorite.  I don’t like the cold, and sickness seem to be running wild.  However, I have learned some simple tips that help keep my family healthier throughout this flu season.

1. Increase water intake.

We dramatically limit the amount of juice, soda and sweets we consume.  Keeping their bodies pumped with water and good fluids help them stay healthier and fight off any illnesses a lot faster.

I also try to be an example by drinking more water throughout the day, and I’ve found that drinking a lot of water has more healing power than any kind of medicine.

2.  Use quality tissues.

Coarse, thin tissues do not aid in anyone getting better faster.  In fact, it causes more issues for my kids tender noses when they are trying to get that junk out of their systems.  Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues help my family get better faster. They are durable with 3-ply thickness and absorbent to lock in moisture.

Tips for keeping your family healthy

My kids love these tissues, and can really tell the difference on their noses.

Tips for keeping your family healthy

 Tips for keeping your family healthy

Tips for keeping your family healthy

Kleenex tissues are great for every day, and they have a great variety of designs and colors that can fit flawlessly into any home decor.

We all know that Kleenex makes the best tissues, and there is just nothing comparable during cold and flu season. I easily picked these up at Walmart with their in-store pickup.

tips for staying healthy

I quickly ordered the items online and picked them up at my local Walmart.  Walmart is great for finding great savings, and pick up has made my life so much easier.

3.  Daily vitamins.

I am so bad about taking vitamins except during this time of the year, and it pays off.  I sit them out for every member of my family to take with breakfast.  I like to buy the gummy ones for my kids so they think it’s candy, and let’s be honest my husband and I love those too.

4.  Wash our hands like crazy.

My kids bring so many germs into our home from school so before they can do anything, they have to wash their hands.  This has really cut down the amount of sicknesses we bring into our home.  You can’t wash your hands too much during this time of year.

5.  An orange a day.

We buy those bulk bags of tangerines that are easy for the kids to peel, and we eat one a day.  Everyone grabs one for a snack or to eat with their lunch.  Pumping our bodies with Vitamin C before we get sick, makes all the difference.  If we catch anything, our bodies are ready to fight it off.

These tips have really helped our family get sick less often, and limit the length of time a sickness lasts in our home.  I hope these simple tips help your families as well!


**Looking for more?! Check out my “Easy Chicken Noodle Soup” recipe that is perfect for this time of year!



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Definitely be a crazy handwashing person!


Good for you!


YES to all of this!!! We wash our hands constantly during the flu season, and a proper thick tissue is really key in helping to not spread the germs! Also, REST is so so so important, we often forget with how busy our days get but my hubby and I are determined to get more rest this new year!


I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing!


Water really is life! And your boys are so cute!


Thanks so much!


Great tips! Always a good idea to take preventative measures like these.


Being sick and/or having sick kids is no fun! Great tips. 🙂


These are all great tips to remember! I’m awful at drinking water throughout the day, but it’s so critical this time of year to stay hydrated! Filling a tall glass now. 😉

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