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Mornings in our home can easily become stressful during the school year. Whether you choose to teach at home or send your kids back to school, mornings tend to be the busiest part of the day. I’ve learned that there are a few tips I’ve put into practice in the past that help things run smoothly. I have 3 boys in school and next year they will be in 1st, 7th and 10th grades. I drive them all to school each morning, and they pack lunches for each day, so we tend to be pretty busy from the moment we wake up. So, here are a few helpful tips we have put into practice.

1. Prep the night before.

Half of the battle in the morning is figuring out what to wear, what to eat and remembering last minute tasks. When that happens, we are all rushing around like crazy people, and everyone has a short fuse. 

So instead, we literally lay out clothes, pack up bookbags, sign any needed paperwork, and pack lunches the night before each school day. 

Preparing to this extent doesn’t take a lot of time at night, when everyone has a bit more energy than in the morning. Doing this helps us keep things moving and more peaceful for everyone.

2.Make lunches & snack time easier.

I am not the mom that cuts out cucumbers into different shapes, but I do want my kids to have fun, healthy and delicious lunches to take to school each day. I’ve found that life has become a lot easier when we have options that they can grab quickly and go. So, I keep packaged items like applesauce, cheese sticks and RXBAR’s brand new RX Kids bars on hand. They’re popping up in Target, Walmart and other grocery stores in the coming week too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Our family loves RX Kids protein snack bars, and all the variety of flavors they offer. They are made with real ingredients, contain 5g of protein, are gluten free, and scary delicious!

My kids love to grab these after school too, so it makes it easier when they come home than trying to figure out a filling snack that they would love.

My favorite is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, so I sneak them when the kids are away!

3.Have a schedule.

It can be a loose schedule, but our family has always thrived with some kind of order, so mornings are no different. 

Here is an example of ours:

  • Wake up/ Shower/ Brush Teeth
  • Get Dressed
  • Make your beds
  • Get Breakfast
  • Grab Lunches/ Last check for homework
  • Pray together/ out the door

Whatever schedule you choose, it helps my kids to know what to expect each morning and to get into a simple routine to keep things moving. Also, they can sleep in a little more by doing preparations the night before and having a simple morning. We are all happier! 
No matter what schooling choice you make for your children, I hope these simple 3 tips will make your mornings even easier this school year and make sure you pick up some RX Kids bars to have on hand! Your kids will thank you!

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I love your blog posts because you always share sound and logical tips/advice and usable products. In my opinion, the three tips discussed in this post are life-applicable; they are tips that all people should be implementing to improve their lives.


My kids do so much better on a schedule also, but I never thought of one just for mornings. I will definitely be implementing and my favorite part is that you pray before you walk out the door. That will be a must add when I put mine together!

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