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Cleaning is not one of my favorite activities, but its just part of life. It needs to be done every single day. You can imagine the amount of cleaning I do in a week while living with 4 boys. I am always looking for hacks and short cuts so that I don’t have to clean all day every day, and can enjoy life a little more. So, I want to share my top 3 cleaning hacks that will save you time, and help you stay on top of the mess.

1.  Use a Wipe for everything.

I have found that there is a wipe for every type of surface. You can find everything from furniture polish wipes, to antibacterial wipes at your local store. You can dust, clean your bathroom, your kitchen counters all with a simple wipe. I love that so many companies have added their cleaning product to a simple wipe, and simplified my life. This also makes it so much easier for my kids to help out, and clean up after themselves as well. Most come in containers that help keep them saturated, and you can use them daily.  This is one of the best inventions, and majorly cuts down my cleaning time.

2.  Bona’s Quick Cleaning System.

Bona’s Quick Clean System is just that. A fast way to clean your hardwood floors. The mop head is larger than it’s competitors which leads to 40% faster cleaning! Bona has invented thick cloths and mop products to capture more dirt dust and pet hair. The best part is that is does not leave any residue behind like many other similar products.

Cleaning hacks

Motherhood blogger shares cleaning hacks

I do not have a lot of time to clean while balancing a business, kids, my marriage, friendships, church, and so much more. However, this Bona Quick Clean System is a game changer for me. It saves me time, and energy, and it’s so easy to use that my kids can help on a normal basis.  The Greenguard Gold certification is important to me so that I know it is safe to be around my family.

With everyone’s busy schedules, life can change up at a moment’s notice. Many times we end up hosting friends for dinner at the last minute, or a friend sends me a message that she will be stopping by, and Bona saves the day! When, I need to clean up in a hurry, Bona has my back so that I can host on a whim.

Pennsylvania Motherhood blogger shares cleaning hacks

Motherhood blogger shares cleaning hacks

My floor looks amazing without scrubbing or taking an extensive time to get it done. This product is meant to be used on hard surface floors, which is perfect for our home. It is perfect for my busy lifestyle, and keeps my floors clean.

I love this product so much that I am hosting a Bona Quick Clean GIVEAWAY!! You can win your own  Bona Quick-Clean Kit by commenting below with your favorite quick cleaning tip. The Kit will include:

  • Tools – Bona® Premium Microfiber Mop for Hard-Surface Floors
  • Dusting Solution – Bona® Disposable Dusting Cloths
  • Cleaning Solution – Bona® Wet Cleaning Pads

3. Give Each Day a Theme.

Focus on a specific part of your house every day rather than trying to keep the entire house clean throughout the week. On Mondays, the focus can be the bathrooms. Tuesdays, floors. On Wednesdays, straighten up the bedrooms. You get the point. It is easier to run through in 15-20 minutes when your focus is on a particular task, instead of feeling like you can’t keep up with all that needs to be done. Saturdays, are the only days that we will clean the entire house, but having days with a focus throughout the week has been really helpful for us!

Please comment below with your favorite quick clean tips! This will give you a chance to WIN you a Bona Quick- Clean Kit! Good Luck!


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I love wipes too!


makes everything easier!


I use microfiber clothes daily. I wash them, but remember not to use fabric softeners.


Oh! Good to know! Thanks!


These were helpful tips, thanks so much Jehava! ~BLESSINGS~




I love using the Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes for all my stainless steel appliances. Although stainless steel appliances are whats in these days, they do tend to get very gross with all the finger prints, water marks etc. So when I invested into them, I found great joy because the wipes did exactly what was advertised. Streak free, resists fingerprints and adds a great shine!


That is totally worth it!!

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