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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know…we are moving this summer! We are super excited to find another house in the same city and will have a little extra space for our family.  As exciting as this is…moving involves tons of cleaning, organizing, and throwing stuff away.

Glad Advanced Protection Trash Bags help me get so much done, without worrying about them giving-up or falling apart. Believe me…all trash bags are not created equal. When I found these, withstanding the many jobs our family gives it…I am sold! These bags definitely withstood our “Torture Test.” Learn more about it HERE!

Glad Trash Bags

Glad Trash Bags

Glad Advanced Protection Trash Bags have superior strength, and can tackle the heaviest loads with RipGuard™ technology to prevent rips and tears. They also have LeakGuard™ technology and a reinforced bottom. This guards against leaks with two-layer protection.  I can’t tell you how many other bags have ripped and leaked on trash day. Big messes, big odors, and even bigger headaches.  Glad Advanced Protection Trash Bags save us time and money. Another reason why I love these bags, is their 7-day odor control guarantee with Febreeze®.

We have been working on cleaning-out our garage and basement. These two places hold most of our junk, and stuff we haven’t used in years.  Moving time means it’s time to clean stuff up, organize, and throw things away.  Simplify is my favorite word lately.

The boys have even pitched in, cleaning out old toys they don’t use anymore.  We made cleaning more fun by trying our own “Torture Test.” We wanted to see how many different size toys and yard equipment from the garage we could fit into this bag without it ripping.  We were shocked how well these bags stood up to the task.  Now I want to use them for everything…including packing.  I have used other brands. They typically rip at the worst times or I have to double bag big messes. Glad  Advanced Protection Trash Bags are such a time saver for all of us with this move.

Glad Trash Bags

Glad Trash Bags

We are convinced! If Glad Advanced Protection Trash bags can handle this type of mess, it can handle our every day trash. These bags are durable and dependable. Two things that are very important to me right now.

Whatever project you are tackling or if you just need a better trash bag to stand up to your everyday life, try out Glad! You can easily find them at your local Walmart.

I hope you will follow along as we look forward to finding and purchasing a new home for our family!




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